Tuesday, November 27, 2012


"Two little Hitlers will fight it out until
One little Hitler does the other one's will"
-Elvis Costello

With Barack Obama back in the White House for another four years, the threat of overturning ObamaCare is as empty as most American’s retirement funds.

I just hope America is careful what it wishes for.
You see, back in 1883, a country in Europe initiated a national health care plan. As is the way with political movements, the plan started out small and grew into a national compulsory plan.

The plan slowly grew, and doctors found themselves in partnership with the government, becoming advocates for the health of the general population.
Traditional individual ethics and Christian values were supplanted by a collective ethic for the benefit of the health of the nation.

That nation was Germany.
As Germany’s fortunes waned in the early twentieth century, the health care plan started by Otto von Bismark was faced with the need to perform cost-benefit analyses, leading to the selection of strong individuals worthy of support, and the elimination of the weak.

And this was before the National Socialist Party (you may know them by their warm and fuzzy name-Nazis) came to power.
The Nazi’s built upon  this philosophy, and more than half of the doctors signed on to the policy that “the ill-concieved ‘love of thy neighbor’ has to disappear.”

It was seen as the duty of the state to grant life and livelihood only to the healthy and hereditarily sound. Sterilization became a common practice, and grew widespread, and under Hitler, the atrocities grew. In May 1939, Hitler directed that “lives not worth living” be put to an end, and deformed and retarded children were euthanized.
All this was before the Jews were singled out for extermination-this is how Hitler treated Germans.

This is how German doctors treated fellow Germans.
And this is how German people treated other Germans.

Why do I point all this out?
Because it can happen again.

I am not trying to say our newly re-elected president is a Nazi, not am I accusing the health care plan of having Third Reich overtones.
But I am saying that there will come a time, and that time may be sooner than we think, where the demand for medical services exceeds the amount of money allotted to pay for them, and choices will have to be made.

Who will make those choices?
How will those choices be made?

Alan Keyes once wrote that our society’s ability to rationalize the murder of unborn children is the primary reason for its decline.

 He said, “we are not going to remain a free people if we arrogate to ourselves the right to destroy the rights of others...and that's exactly what we are doing when we embrace… pro-choice."

I am not trying to bring up the pro-life debate in this post (there are other posts for that).

I am just pointing out that the same people you will be counting on to fight for your rights when you are older and need medical care will be the same people who decided that an unborn child does not have any rights.

Are you sure they are the people you want to count on?


  1. "Alan Keyes once wrote that our society’s ability to rationalize the murder of unborn children is the primary reason for its decline." Capstone line for a well done post. Explains the last two elections as well. Key word- "rationalize".

  2. Thanks for stopping by, CW.

    How is it that in two hundred short years and chance, our society has forgotten the very reason this country was created?

    We left the slippery slopse a while back-we're going down a mountain with no brakes.


  3. LC ~
    Good post, as always. I was holding off on commenting because I was going to add a link to a fairly unique (I think) ObamaCare related post I had in the works. But now I realize I may or may not get around to it.

    I need to get my review of Jenny Baranick's book posted first. And who knows how I'll feel about posting on ObamaCare after that? Very often, my posts at 'Ferret-Faced' are kind of spontaneous. And if I pause long enough, I sometimes lose the inspiration to post what I would have otherwise done on the spur of the moment.

    I also want to find the time to send you an Email pertaining to the "text" and its "size" that some of your blog bits get posted in. Did you notice that this post has at least two different fonts and at least 3 different text sizes?

    I know you didn't intend that. But I think I know why it happens and how you can correct it in the future. I used to have the same problems with Blogspot.com but figured out a way around their buggy system.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  4. Stephen- I have the same problem with losing the inspiration if I sit on a post too long.

    I'd appreciate the tips-these things look ok in preview mode but something happens when they post (I almost always schedule the posts).

    My personal machine is infected with malware, so maybe that contributed to the problem.


  5. Well, I had similar problems in the past and my computer has never been infected with malware, that I'm aware of. I think it's more likely a bug in the Blogspot system.

    This weekend I will MAKE TIME to Email you about it with a possible solution. But meanwhile, if you have the time, I suggest you try the following experiment, just to see what happens:

    Go to your Dashboard, and then click "Edit" for this particular blog bit. You'll be shown the "composing window" with all of this installment's text within it. Then "highlight" (like you're going to Copy & Paste) one paragraph. And then while the paragraph is still highlighted in blue, go up to the font and size icons and select something different - whatever you think you'd prefer.

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    This is one way you should be able to CORRECT text that appears too small AFTER it has already posted incorrectly.

    I'll try to Email this weekend with a method that should prevent the problem from occurring in the first place.

    ~ D-FensDogg
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