Monday, November 5, 2012


No matter which candidate wins Tuesday, it’s clear the media didn’t just cover this election, they shaped it.
If you were President Obama, you got the best of coverage and photos of you with halos around your head. Your made-up autobiography and “composite” girlfriend were a blip in the news, your radical positions downplayed and the ongoing failures of your administration – economy, fast and furious, foreign policy in general – were all glossed over by the major media.
Things like the massive decline in the job participation rate and Obama’s $16-trillion nation debt were turned into triumphant steps that needed to be kept moving "FORWARD" by liberally biased news coverage.
Even his massive failure on Libya where four Americans were killed was somehow ignored.
CNN’s Candy Crowley even covered for him during the debates.
Heck, I expected her to go down on the Kenya Kid after flat out lying for him during one exchange with Romney during the second debate.
If you were Mitt Romney, the media turned you into a caricature.
They dug into long-forgotten high school pranks and tried to depict him as radical right-wing, as well as bash him for his faith. A casual comment about the “47 percent” was magnified into a major issue and became a disaster.
The 2012 presidential election wasn’t as bad as the media spin during the race of 2008.
It was worse.
It was a war on truth and truth lost most days.
According to voters, the big issue was the economy, but you’d never know it from the news coverage. 
Bullshit social issues were pushed to give Team Obama ample distractions from the 23 million under and unemployed.
When economic news was covered, journalists found or created a silver lining inside every dark cloud.
High gas prices weren’t bad, they were “improving,” and lousy economic growth was seldom called a major Obama failure.
For journalists, “fact checking” was one-sided, as facts about the current administration were manipulated to reinforce Obama talking points rather than having anything to do with the truth.
And now, we've arrived at the election tomorrow.

All that’s left is the counting, and perhaps, the recounting.
If there is some dispute with the vote, look for journalists to pull out all stops to herd their man Obama once more to the top spot.
But no matter who wins, the media ensured that the American public was fed a lot of fertilizer.
But I still hold the American public to blame.
In a jingoistic age of “Proud To Be An American” bumper stickers, the majority American public has no idea what it means to be an American.
For most of us, we did not do a damn thing to be American-we were born into it.
We have a responsibility to learn about what it means to be an American, why this country was founded, and why the Constitutiton says what it does.
Most of us have not.
Most Americans are only willing to commit the time it takes to buy a bumper sticker or car magnet to America. Any more than that would eat into Survivor, Resident Evil or ESPN time.
So Americans are experts on “American Idol” but ignorant on the United States Constitution.
Which allows idiots like Obama to come in and usurp the Constitution for the personal gain of the people who pull his strings, all the while fooling an ignorant populace into thinking he’s one of them.
Because that’s what matters these days-they poll on whether the candidate is “likeable.”
And I guess a lying, Kenyan-born Muslim Communist is more likeable than Mitt Romney.
Who was more likeable than Ron Paul.
And for the record, Ron Paul was the only candidate telling the truth.
We deserve the leadership we get.


  1. DISCMAN ~
    Very good commentary, but it needs to be adjusted so it can be read without having to "highlight" it. (Black text on a black background is not particularly "reader-friendly".) WHA' HOPPENED?!

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