Friday, November 16, 2012


Daniel Wetter is just 16 years old, but his plan to support pizza chain Papa John’s amid a backlash of liberal criticism is no pie-in-the-sky idea.

Wetter is part of an upstart group called Rebooting America that is proposing that today be a national day of appreciation for the pizza chain, whose chief executive officer is being attacked for saying employees’ hours might be cut to cover the cost of implementing their health insurance under ObamaCare.

The conservative group has hatched a social media-based campaign that centers on encouraging people to buy a pizza pie at a Papa John’s store, taking a photo of the outing and then posting it on a Facebook page or tweeting it.

“We just wanted to stand with Papa John’s because it is under attack,” said Wetter, who volunteered with Mitt Romney's campaign and credits fellow conservative activist Justen Charters with coming up with the idea.

Papa John's founder and CEO John H. Schnatter said after Election Day that franchise owners might have to cut hours because the health care law requires companies with more than 50 employees to provide insurance for those working at least 30 hours.  He also estimated the law will cost the company $5 million to $8 million more annually.

Other companies, such as Olive Garden and Applebee’s, also have faced criticism and threats of boycotts for voicing similar concerns.

Supporters of the Affordable Care Act more recently pounced on comments by New York-area Applebee's franchisee Zane Tankel, who told Fox Business that cost increases related to implementing ObamaCare might force a halt to expansion and additional hiring. Critics appear to have interpreted Tankel’s comments to mean he will lay off employees as a result of the changes.

Wetter said he hopes the activism will move beyond the appreciation day for Papa John's.

“This is not just about Friday or one group,” said Wetter, adding he already was a fan of Papa John’s. “I just had some pizza yesterday, and I’m going to have some more Friday.”

The other elements of the plan call for supporters to “like" Papa John's Facebook page and buy an extra pizza Friday “to share with someone that is struggling right now,” such as a neighbor who lost a job.


  1. Haven't had time to comment on your last couple blog bits here in the USSR, but I'll definitely come around THIS weekend.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

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  3. I like Papa John's best of the major chain pizzas. I won't be participating because they closed down the PJ store closest to my house and I'm not driving the extra distance to the next nearest one wherever it is. Gas is too expensive to be driving all around town. Besides I can't afford the luxury of carry out pizza like I used to when I was working.

    Wrote By Rote

  4. Stephen-shoot me an e-mail and remind me of the blog you mentioned.

    Lee-I don't eat much pizza, but I sure as heck understand where PJ is coming from.

    As usual, O'Bammie is not addressing the real problem. If he would do something about the economy, it would be high school kids working at PJ, so mandatory health benefits would not be a problem.

    Oh that's right-he doesn't want to fix the economny because he's a Marxist!

    Forgive me-I thought we were in the US!


    That guy’s URL is:


    While driving around downtown yesterday “on the clock”, I was listening to this really old cassette which contained the soundtrack to the movie ‘Rustler’s Rhapsody’. There is one really funny Country-Western spoof song on it that pertains to smoking dope, and the song ends with a mention of “Twinkies”.

    That gave me a really good idea for a short blog post about Colorado and Washington having voted to legalize pot, and the demise of Hostess ‘Twinkies’. I was going to upload the song, compose a brief opinion piece about both of those changes and title the blog bit something like: “Reefers In, Twinkies Out”.

    But to my dismay today, I found that NO ONE has posted that song at YouTube. So I guess my next F-FFF blog bit is going to be a review of Jenny’s book ‘MISSED PERIODS And Other Grammar Scares’.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

  6. I have to tell you, Stephen, that I think all the panic over Twinkies is silly.

    We still practice enough of the remnanats of capitalism that SOMEONE will buy the rights to make snack cakes that have a shelf life of fifty years.

    Maybe you can tie Twinkies and pot in with Jenny's book....

  7. BTW, McDogg-

    I just checked out "Windmills," and liked what I saw. I left him a comment on his Twinkie post.

    There's one good thing-more people are taking about Twinkies than talking about Obama!

    More substance to a Twinkie than there is to Kenya Boy!