Thursday, February 6, 2014


Sisters Nancy and Ann Wilson added Heart to the list of bands that are bowing out of a show at SeaWorld because of the CNN documentary "Blackfish."

The documentary -- which first aired on CNN in October -- tells the story of the killing in 2010 of experienced SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau by a 12,000-pound orca.

The film raises questions about the safety and humaneness of keeping killer whales in captivity over the past 39 years.

"Blackfish really opened my eyes," said Heart singer Ann Wilson in a Rolling Stone article, "What they do with the orcas is essentially slavery."

And there's the DUMB part!


Slavery is a system under which PEOPLE are treated as property and forced to work.

If we were to extend this definition to animals, it seems to me all you dog owner's reading would be slave owners (making poor Fido roll over and sit and catch a ball without due compensation).

And maybe even us cat owners, although anyone who has ever owned a cat knows that it is certainly a matter of debate as to who owns who (or is it whom)?

But come on, Ann-slavery?


It's a big friggin fish!

Okay, I know it's a mammal, but the alliteration works better the way I typed it.

Just because they made a cute little movie with a Michael Jackson song (Free Willy-remember?), everybody thinks killer whales are the mistreated foster children of the aquatic world. 

That's right, Blackfish, you were twenty years late to the party!

The point is, based on the picture below, both trainer and whale appeared content with their relationship.

Yes the attack was unfortunate, but it seems to me the whale got the better of that exchange.

I've been to Sea World, and the staff seem to have a true affection for the fish (mammals and fowl, too).

But if it will make Ms. Wilson feel better, I say we organize a union among the Sea World aquatic life so they can collectively bargain.

Ten fish a day is not a living wage. 

Monday, February 3, 2014


Has anyone seen the commercial for this new movie which advertises that it was "Based On The Untold Story?"

Can someone please help me understand how ANYTHING can be based on an untold story?

If the story wasn't told, how did the scriptwriter know about it?

That makes for a pretty short movie, don't ya think?


Followed immediately by this....

Sorry to invade your turf, Jenny* but the advertising professional who wrote this one is certainly someone who needs a copy of your book and should follow your blog!

* by Jenny, I mean the author of Missed Periods And Other Grammar Scares-if you do not read her blog, you sure as heck should! Like her book of the same name, it packages up grammar lessons into nice humorous bite-sized morsels.