Monday, January 23, 2017


One clear upside to the new administration...

Congratulations, Alec Baldwin, on four years of job security!

Friday, January 20, 2017


Donald Trump's new Washington D.C. address will be a bit smaller than his popular Palm Beach, Florida estate.

When the president-elect and his family relocate to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., they'll have slightly less room to roam than at Trump's iconic Florida property, Mar-a-Lago.

Here's how the two properties compare:

According to, the White House comes equipped with a jogging track, swimming pool, movie theater, bowling lane, half-court basketball court, horseshoe pitch, rose garden and military guard. 

Mar-a-Lago boasts a swimming pool, beach club, salon, croquet court, spa and concierge service.

Trump may be the first President who considers the White House "slumming it."

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


It’s President Obama’s second-to-last full day in office and he is holding his final news conference this afternoon.

But wait!

Didn't he give a farewell adress last week?

Isn't this sort of like Kiss doing a "Farewell Tour" and then touring again?

Are we sure Obama is done?

Can we get that in writing?

At least with President Trump, the televised conferences should be at a minimum.

He tweets everything that's on his mind! 

What could be left to say?

Saturday, January 14, 2017


Broadway star Jennifer Holliday has decided not to perform at the Trump inaugural welcome concert, according to an exclusive report from The Wrap.

In a letter addressed to "my beloved LGBT community," Holliday explained why she initially accepted the invitation to perform at the inauguration, saying she wanted to perform for the people, not for Trump. 

But after a vocal backlash, Holliday has decided not to perform.

According to The Associated Press, Holliday was referred to as an "Uncle Tom" and her decision to participate would be a career-ending move.

Holliday, best known for her Tony-winning role in "Dreamgirls" on Broadway, said she voted for Hillary Clinton, and has performed for Republican and Democratic presidents.

In the open letter, Holliday apologized for her "lapse of judgement" and for "causing such dismay and heartbreak to my fans."

I guess racism and anti-straight sentiments win.

I just did a search, and could not find any good examples of anti-gay sentiment coming from Trump. 

Not that I did not trust Arlee Bird’s post earlier in the week, but I wanted to be sure for myself.

A page with an obvious agenda ( did their best to do a top ten list, but most of their rationale was a read in between the lines rather than anything from Trump's mouth or Twitter account.

For example, the site claims (I did not try to verify this but will assume they did) that Trump said that Arianna Huffington is “unattractive both inside and out. I fully understand why her former husband left her for a man – he made a good decision.” 

This made number 8 on their list, but where exactly is the anti-gay sentiment?

Is the comment in bad taste?


Is it immature and sophomoric?


But anti-gay?

I don’t see it.

All of their comments from Mr. Trump show the same lack of restraint and internal editing that I have criticized him for, but poor judgment does not a homophobe make.

My question is, why is Ms. Holliday less offended by the racist comments aimed at her (she was called “Uncle Tom” by her “beloved” fans) than by the unsubstantiated allegation that the president-elect is anti-gay?

Oh, right-it would have been “career suicide” to perform.

So rather than stand for what she felt was right, Ms. Holliday is really all about the fucking money.

And so, maybe the “Uncle Tom” comments are not that far from the mark.

In what may surprise regular readers, I am not familiar with Ms. Holliday’s work. Nor will I ever be. I am boycotting her work, not because she may be LGBT but because she is a hypocrite.

The LGBT agenda is supposed to be one of inclusion.

But this act shows, as we have seen so many times, the agenda is really "our way or the highway." 

Monday, January 9, 2017


A man was taken into custody after firing a gun when a family member took a bite of his sandwich, police said.

The man became angry while eating with his wife and daughter when one of them took a bite from his grilled cheese sandwich, according to the Baltimore Sun.

"Apparently, the man had made a grilled cheese sandwich and either the wife or the daughter, we're not exactly sure who, but somebody, one of the females in the house, took a bite of his sandwich," Cpl. Shawn Vinson, Baltimore County police spokesman, told WPTZ. "Apparently, that enraged him to the point that he fired shots in the house."

The man fired a shot and the women fled. An hours-long standoff with police then ensued.

No one was injured.

Baltimore County police intend to charge the man. 

While family members did not appear to want to press charges, the sandwich was extremely traumatized.

Also, one quick etiquette tip-according to Rachel Ray, you do not want to serve a gun up with grilled cheese. 

It's not done. 

See below for a sample firearm plate (from the kitchen of Warren Zevon).