Monday, January 9, 2017


A man was taken into custody after firing a gun when a family member took a bite of his sandwich, police said.

The man became angry while eating with his wife and daughter when one of them took a bite from his grilled cheese sandwich, according to the Baltimore Sun.

"Apparently, the man had made a grilled cheese sandwich and either the wife or the daughter, we're not exactly sure who, but somebody, one of the females in the house, took a bite of his sandwich," Cpl. Shawn Vinson, Baltimore County police spokesman, told WPTZ. "Apparently, that enraged him to the point that he fired shots in the house."

The man fired a shot and the women fled. An hours-long standoff with police then ensued.

No one was injured.

Baltimore County police intend to charge the man. 

While family members did not appear to want to press charges, the sandwich was extremely traumatized.

Also, one quick etiquette tip-according to Rachel Ray, you do not want to serve a gun up with grilled cheese. 

It's not done. 

See below for a sample firearm plate (from the kitchen of Warren Zevon).


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