Sunday, December 25, 2011


Hopefully the title of this post is politically correct enough to have not offended anyone. Because if there's one thing we Americans do well, it's celebrate diversity.

Just look at the last forty years-we'll invade anyone!

Speaking of invasions, the war on Christianity in our country has taken many forms, but none are so hostile as the assault on the Christmas holiday.

From substituting words in Christmas carols to banning expressions of the holiday, like nativity scenes and Christmas trees, the assault on Christmas is not only silly, but executed rather poorly, since it is virtually impossible to ignore the holiday's Christian roots.

There's the name....Christ's Mass. No religious or Christian connotation there, right?

There's that jolly old guy with the wait, that was Clarence Clemons. I mean the guy with the red suit and white beard.

Atheists and agnostics alike line up to buy Christmas presents and to seat their children on Santa's lap.

Santa Claus.

That would be short for Saint Nicholas, a Catholic icon.

Well, there are no atheists in Black Friday sales.

And I know it's politically correct to say "winter celebration" or "holiday event" but isn't it funny how at the end of the day the holiday is observed on December 25 and churches are stuffed to capacity but we don't dare say the words...

Merry Christmas!

I know Americans all want to believe that the words "separation of church and state" are in the Constitution (they are not) and that our founding fathers were not Christian (they were), but even more importantly is the fact that among the commercialization and political correctness we've forgotten that this holiday isn't even really about us at all.

It's about Him!