Saturday, February 19, 2011


"Red and black, that's their color scheme"

The Department of Health and Human Services on Wednesday unveiled a new National Vaccine Plan – the first major revamp since the plan was created in 1994 -- to coordinate and improve public access to federal vaccine and immunization programs over the next decade.

"Vaccines are a critical cornerstone of the public health system," said Assistant Secretary for Health Howard K. Koh, MD. "The National Vaccine Plan articulates a vision that will ensure that the nation's prevention strategies protect the public for the next decade and beyond."

My friend McDogg has postulated the theory that maybe HHS is sticking something else to you while they're sticking that needle in your arm.

After all, according to the Ferret Faced Fascist, the Bible prophesies that no tranactions will be possible by those who do not carry the mark of the beast (I'm paraphrasing, but correct me if I didn't get the concept, Stephen T).

But that's just crazy talk, right?

Like the wacky X-Files episode where Mulder and Scully find all the file drawers with DNA samples of everyone in America.

Our government wouldn't do that right?

Right. Just like they would not tap our phones, or orchestrate a terrorist attack that murdered a few thousand innocent working stiffs to fabricate an excuse to launch an invasion of the Middle East that would last more than a decade.

Our government would NEVER do that...

According to HHS, many Americans still suffer from infectious diseases that can be prevented by vaccines.


I know that the last few animal influenza panics were pretty much terror tactics. And they worked-everyone was so worried about swine and bird flu, they completely ignored the trampling of their consitutional rights by that aforementioned government that would NEVER trample our consitutional rights.

Because Washington D.C. always acts in our best interests, and is never about lining their own pockets or furthering their own agenda.

So when Bruce Gellin, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health, puts forth his  "10-year vision for the nation to more effectively prevent infectious diseases," I am somewhat skeptical.

I'm not saying never get a vaccine of any type. I'm saying rather than blindly following the government and being led like lemmings into the sea, to EDCUCATE yourselves a little bit and EVALUATE the risk of not getting a vaccine.


I know, not a popular idea in the new millenium.

Best case-they're using the income tax to siphon off more wealth from the American people and further their agenda (which is also described in depth on Stephen's site, as well as on sites such as The Conspiracy Exposed and Purely Politics. These sites contain a lot of information about things that are being done behind your back by the same leaders you trust who would NEVER anally rape you.

Worst case-the vaccine is collecting DNA just like in the X-Files and implantinc you with a chip-or worse, you're being used as a test subject. Right, crazy talk, science fiction, wacky conspiracy theory.

Tyranny and Mutation.

But consider this.

I have never had an unfluenza vaccine in my life (almost fifty years).

And I have never had the flu.

So who's crazy, and who's the lamb being led to slaughter?

"I'm on the lamb but I ain't no sheep"