Saturday, February 19, 2011


"Red and black, that's their color scheme"

The Department of Health and Human Services on Wednesday unveiled a new National Vaccine Plan – the first major revamp since the plan was created in 1994 -- to coordinate and improve public access to federal vaccine and immunization programs over the next decade.

"Vaccines are a critical cornerstone of the public health system," said Assistant Secretary for Health Howard K. Koh, MD. "The National Vaccine Plan articulates a vision that will ensure that the nation's prevention strategies protect the public for the next decade and beyond."

My friend McDogg has postulated the theory that maybe HHS is sticking something else to you while they're sticking that needle in your arm.

After all, according to the Ferret Faced Fascist, the Bible prophesies that no tranactions will be possible by those who do not carry the mark of the beast (I'm paraphrasing, but correct me if I didn't get the concept, Stephen T).

But that's just crazy talk, right?

Like the wacky X-Files episode where Mulder and Scully find all the file drawers with DNA samples of everyone in America.

Our government wouldn't do that right?

Right. Just like they would not tap our phones, or orchestrate a terrorist attack that murdered a few thousand innocent working stiffs to fabricate an excuse to launch an invasion of the Middle East that would last more than a decade.

Our government would NEVER do that...

According to HHS, many Americans still suffer from infectious diseases that can be prevented by vaccines.


I know that the last few animal influenza panics were pretty much terror tactics. And they worked-everyone was so worried about swine and bird flu, they completely ignored the trampling of their consitutional rights by that aforementioned government that would NEVER trample our consitutional rights.

Because Washington D.C. always acts in our best interests, and is never about lining their own pockets or furthering their own agenda.

So when Bruce Gellin, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health, puts forth his  "10-year vision for the nation to more effectively prevent infectious diseases," I am somewhat skeptical.

I'm not saying never get a vaccine of any type. I'm saying rather than blindly following the government and being led like lemmings into the sea, to EDCUCATE yourselves a little bit and EVALUATE the risk of not getting a vaccine.


I know, not a popular idea in the new millenium.

Best case-they're using the income tax to siphon off more wealth from the American people and further their agenda (which is also described in depth on Stephen's site, as well as on sites such as The Conspiracy Exposed and Purely Politics. These sites contain a lot of information about things that are being done behind your back by the same leaders you trust who would NEVER anally rape you.

Worst case-the vaccine is collecting DNA just like in the X-Files and implantinc you with a chip-or worse, you're being used as a test subject. Right, crazy talk, science fiction, wacky conspiracy theory.

Tyranny and Mutation.

But consider this.

I have never had an unfluenza vaccine in my life (almost fifty years).

And I have never had the flu.

So who's crazy, and who's the lamb being led to slaughter?

"I'm on the lamb but I ain't no sheep"


    Hey, it's good to see a new post on this blog that has been a bit neglected lately!

    >>.....After all, according to the Ferret Faced Fascist, the Bible prophesies that no tranactions will be possible by those who do not carry the mark of the beast (I'm paraphrasing, but correct me if I didn't get the concept, Stephen T).

    Nope, you got it exactly right, Brother!

    As I have stated previously on my blog (in my first anti-TSA blog bit), I have etched the line in granite for Uncle Sam when it comes to my body. That far and NO FURTHER. That is the point where my protest turns violent.

    The day Uncle Sam says I'm required to have a government-approved needle stuck into my arm, or get my full-body scanning, or any other thing that involves me physically, that's the day I tell Uncle Sam excactly where he can stick it.

    I will not go peacefully into THAT night! Whichever agents our good Uncle sends to collect me will have a real fight on their hands and I will not go to meet my Maker alone, I can pretty much guarantee that.

    As far as vaccines are concerned, another blogging buddy, Br'er Marc, is a nurse and a dad to two children, and he has done a lot of research into vaccines, and I can tell you based on some of the things he has previously related to me, a lot of it is REALLY BAD NEWS!

    Br'er Marc has been at odds with his wife over which vaccines their children should receive, and generally speaking, he's just down on them. He's convinced that most of them do more harm than good. (In fact, I should direct his attention to this blog bit; this is right up his alley!)

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  2. Well, I want to make a correction to my previous statement:

    I wrote that, "Whichever agents our good Uncle sends to collect me will have a real fight on their hands and I will not go to meet my Maker alone, I can pretty much guarantee that.

    To be entirely honest, it is my belief - based upon my interpretation of The Holy Bible - that anyone who takes another person's life is automatically destined to reincarnate on this Earth. And since that is absolutely the last thing I want to happen to me, I hope that no matter how much I might like to kill a Federal agent sent to collect me because I have had the audacity to demand my Constitutional rights be respected, I hope and trust that I will not take an evildoer's life.

    However, The Bible doesn't say anything about breaking another person's nose and knocking 6 or 7 of their teeth out. And so I hope this represents the extent of my violent protest when the Feds send their assholes to collect me.

    When I go to meet my Maker, I fully expect that I will take a full set of a Federal agent's uppers with me.

    If I kill anyone, it will be a very understandable but unfortunate error on my part.

    'Loyal American Underground'...
    (...just waiting for a good excuse to kick some Federal ass!)

  3. Disconnected,
    Dr. Sheri Tenpenny and Dr. Mayor Eisenstein are the two physicians who are the most out spoken on vaccines. In a nut shell this is what I know: Some vaccines such as the Rubella portion of the MMR, the chicken pox, and hepatitis A are viruses harvested from aborted fetal lung tissue. Dr. Eisenstein reported this in one of his books, and my pro vaccination nursing instructed also stated this in a lecture I received in nursing school in 2006. Dr. Eisenstein reported he waited on the phone with MERC for eight hours or so to find out that's what they meant by DIPLOID TISSUE.

    Some of the preservatives they use in vaccines are mercury based, others are preserved in anti freeze (oh they call it by a different name it's chemical name I can't remember but it's antifreeze), and (pardon my spelling) embalming fluid. Ya that's right the stuff they use in dead bodies. Oh, and don't forget aluminum (which by the way is in almost all deodorants in some form or another and some have linked to alzheimers. They find a lot of aluminum in alzheimers patients brains according to one physician I talked to though I need a report to back that up).

    Not only this but when I have honest discussions with physicians and nurses not as many of them are pro vaccination as people think. Sure the majority are (though the majority of the public think the federal reserve is part of the government too) but that shouldn't surprise anyone.


  4. Woohoo! An unsolicited plug! I don't think I ever got one of those before! Thanks :)

    I didn't buy into the infant "vaccines cause autism" bit (which is now apparently falsified) but I watched what happened to my infant son after the DPT shot...not pretty at all. And the problem is that even when the problem goes on for literally years, you're screwed because the reporting for side effects is only good for a number of *days*; so if your child ends up developmentally delayed because he never sleeps for 2 years after that shot makes him violently ill (it IS an adult dose of three different vaccines administered to 2 month olds ffs, and sleep is when infant synapses make their connections) then you're just shitbang outta luck, pal. My private pediatrician simply answered my question about side effects by saying "Oh no, none," whereas at the public health clinic where we had most of them done I had to sign umpteen releases for each vaccine that included side effects up to and including death (with many many other ugly things leading up to that.) Not to say they aren't helpful in preventing certain diseases or to discourage anyone, but like you say, *inform* yourself first. Apparently in Japan they simply delayed that DTP shot until the age of 2 and SIDS practically disappeared but the instances of respiratory infections and such at the age of 2+ went through the roof. In one state there was an outbreak of whooping cough and most of the affected children had been immunized. The autism crap seems to me to be little more than a diversion from the real problems.

    And the rest of the stuff you bring up - extraordinarily chilling indeed. Now I'll never get THAT stuff out of my head! YIKES! (The swine flu thing killed me; it had been a big joke back when who, Ford? was in office? Then suddenly it was some big thing again? Uh...yeah, no. And the bird flu thing? Please.) Then there's the Gardasil for HPV that the feminists want all girls over 11 to get...and we're only objecting out of some sort of slum prudery. No, I object because MOST women at some point do contact some form of HPV (of which there are MANY) and there were in 2007 4K deaths out of 380 million people from cervical cancer...with no mention of risks or just which two or three versions of HPV this thing MIGHT protect one from. Then the chicken pox, which at best simply *delays* the possible onset should you be exposed ten years down the line when it's REALLY dangerous (unlike when you're 8 and you get a few itchy sores and maybe some diarrhea.) Mass immunization is experimental at best, even IF none of the things you speculate are true (and what are the odds of that given the nature of our corrupt and overly powerful government?)

    Yeah, proceed with most definite caution at the very least.

    Stephen I'd love to see what your pediatrician friend has written on the subject; like I say my son suffered for years as a direct result of the DPT and there wasn't a f*cking thing I could do about it. At the very least had I really understood I would have delayed the damn thing a couple years.

  5. If you've never gotten the flu, it's highly unusual, and you just might have good dna, but most people do, particularly school children, and if you happen to work around co-workers, it's bad as well. I don't in any way believe 9-11 was manufactured by Bush and his administration, as much as I disliked them. That is wacko, and conspiracy theory without much rational thought. I've heard of it before, but doesn't hold water, unless you are also alluding to the whole conspiracy of globalization/break America scheme.

  6. EV-

    I'd encourage you to check out those videos I reference.

    I thought it was wacko as well, but the videos raise some pretty good questions that have never been answered.