Monday, January 6, 2014


I am not certain if this commercial is an example of the Japanese sense of humor or simply Nissan covering their behinds because of the stupidity and litigiousness nature of Americans.

After all, we are the country who invented warning signs telling us that objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear....

I would like to encourage anyone who thinks this IS possible to check it out with an empty train!

Let's get some chlorine in the American gene pool!


  1. I just saw that commercial and I wonder when we'll hear that someone has tried that shouldn't be long!

    1. If they had had that warning when Fonzie jumped the garbage cans on his and my friends still probably would have tried it ourselves.

      We did it on bicycles coming down a hill and only three trash cans.....and we all wiped out painfully.

      And none of our parents sued the show....they shook their heads at us in disappointment, though.

  2. This is also the same country that made sure to warn people that your cruise control does not actually drive the car for you.

    I test drove a Nissan Rogue a few years back with a friend who wanted my opinion of it (he knew nothing about cars, and I'm a gearhead). It's honestly the most boring, slow, unappealing, point A to point B car I've ever driven, and my mother has a Ford Focus station wagon. He hated it and bought something else.

    So what's the best way to sell this slow, boring car to stupid people? Make it seem really fast and fun! And dangerous! Joan Q. Soccermom just became super cool for owning one of these.

    Just look at those Dodge Durango ads featuring Will Ferrell acting as Ron Burgundy. Sales of the Dodge Durango have gone up 40% in the last month. Not because it's an amazing car, or won any awards, or has any special features... purely because Ron Burgundy says, "This is a cool car, guys!"

    Let that sink in.

  3. I had to watch the commercial twice. Funny funny stuff.

    Plus you have given me inspiration for my Thursday post. I know it's four days out, but now you have something to look forward to...

    1. Especially since last Thursday's post was preempted...

  4. As I recall, it originally didn't have the disclaimers. We were making fun of their appearance a few days ago.