Monday, December 16, 2013


Some amusing images regarding ObamaCare, as the law has come to be known.
This first one was more relevant a few weeks ago, as people are (finally) able to access the site, although the geniuses who built it seem to have neglected the payment mechanism.

And let us not forget who to assign blame to in the months to come-they both insisted that the buck stops with them!

This one truly cracked me up...

....but this one is actually a little frightening...

We deserve what we get-Obama sold us a health care paradise with lots of free perks and lower costs, and shame on us-we drank the Kool Aid.

In 2014 we'll start paying the piper...


  1. What do you mean "we'll start paying the piper"?
    I thought the healthcare was supposed to be FREE!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. It is everyone in the House and Senate.

  2. Replies
    1. People believe what they want to believe....but it was obvious all along what Obama wants is a single payor system, and that's what's going to happen-mainly because I think deep down, the Republicans want the same thing.

      That the people actually believe what they want matters to either party is the biggest scam of all.

  3. Yes. Yes. Yes to your comment to A Beer For The Shower.

    <<<---- That the people actually believe what they want matters to either party is the biggest scam of all. I couldn't agree more.

    Did you know (you probably did, but I think it's worth mentioning) that one state (South Carolina) has voted to ban Obamacare for their state. Georgia has the ban pending in legislation. It is another reminder that government works best on the state and local level. Federal government shouldn't be deciding things like health care. That was never the Founding Fathers intention for that branch of government. So, some states are taking that right back. Yay for them!!! I hope my state jumps on this wagon.


  4. I hope my wife's plan stays intact. I'd hate to have to deal with what Obama is shoving down our craws.

    Wrote By Rote

    1. Lee-

      I worry that the trend will be to incentivize business to pay the tax and push people onto government rolls.