Saturday, February 25, 2017


The AMC's show "The Walking Dead" is stirring up emotions, but not for gruesome scenes or unexpected endings. 

This time, it's for T-shirts.

The Huffington Post reported that Primark, an international clothing retailer, stopped selling the shirt.

The Warwick Courier reported that Ian Lucraft wrote a letter to the store's CEO Paul Marchant, saying it was "fantastically offensive" and "racist."

The problem? The phrase "eeny meeny miny moe," which in the show is followed by the line, "catch a tiger by his toe."

However, some historical versions of the rhyme include a racial slur instead of the word "tiger," which sparked the complaint, according to the Huffington Post.

The phrase is said by Negan, a character played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the show. EW reported Morgan responded with a tweet, saying, "people are stupid."

How far we have come as a PC Nation!

Now something is offensive if someone decides it can be edited to be offensive.
The POSSIBILITY that someone could replace one word for another is enough to consider something FANTASTICALLY OFFENSIVE.

That’s worse than offensive, right? 

It sounds bad, huh?

Doesn’t that pretty much mean every T shirt with a slogan should be banned?

Morgan was half right-it’s the retailer who was stupid. They made an inventory decision based on ONE letter from an obvious moron.


  1. You know, this actually makes me wonder - how do these people get their voices heard so well, to the point that an international retailer tucks its tail between its legs and shuts down production on something that literally 99.9% of the population could not care less about?

    It always starts with 'one angry letter' and ends with every single other person on the planet saying it's not a big deal. Because it's not.

    I feel like every month we see one singular random idiot take something completely out of context, complain to a major brand, and then the brand pulls said item instantly and without question.

    Are we all so easily scared nowadays?

    1. I was stunned by this one...I cannot imagine the retailer stocking anything but generic bottled water if it wants to be safe from lawsuits...

      ...but they better be careful about the containers.