Thursday, February 16, 2017


I know that polls can be manipulated to say almost anything, but I found this one a bit surprising.

A Gallup poll released on Monday found that 62 percent of those interviewed earlier this month believe that the president keeps his promises.

These results were divided along party lines, with 91 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents saying they believe Trump keeps his promises and 36 percent of Democrats and Democrat-leaning Independents agreeing.

Gallup also found that 94 percent of Republicans polled believe that Trump is a strong and decisive leader, while only 29 percent of Democrats believe that to be true.

The last time that the group conducted a similar poll was in September 2016, when 57 percent of Americans felt Trump was "a strong and decisive leader."  I would think that if you blend the current statistics for Repubs (94%) and Dems (29%) you'd probably end up with a similar blended statistic-not sure why the article did not give that metric.

It was not all positive for the president. Only 42 percent of the survey group said that they believe the leader "is honest and trustworthy."

The poll was conducted from Feb. 1 to Feb. 5 and collected from a random sample of 1,035 voting-age adults.

Trump's approval has increased since the September poll, with more people saying that they believe that he "can manage the government effectively" and "is honest and trustworthy."

Still, less than half of Americans (44 percent and 42 percent) agree with those sentiments.

While I still wish the President would tweet less and act more, well, PRESIDENTIAL, I think that a lot of the people protesting need to take a deep breath as well.

Women have not been relegated to second class status during his first month, and immigration has not ground to a halt.

Heck, we haven't even had any good Muslim profiling scandals.

Is it possible that the world will not end under President Trump?

All of the protesters (protestors?) are showing how self-absorbed and insensitive they are.

Since January 20, there has really only been one person who has suffered as a result of Trump's presidency.

And that's this guy! 

Talk about a no-win job!


  1. Even without the so-called comedy. I feel for Spicer. Updating the world on a man always riding a runaway hose ahead of him.

    1. Yeah-I watched his briefing the other day and even he was picking his feet up...

  2. All of the protesters (protestors?) are showing how self-absorbed and insensitive they are.

    Protesters. Also, to go along with that, here's a story for you. My wife works at a hair salon. All of the girls there were all too eager to go to that march thing a few weeks back. My wife said nah, I'm good. Turns out, all of the girls that went spent the whole time taking pictures, uploading them to Instagram, and fawning over their numbers and how 'good' they looked (like they were doing good for the world). One girl took about 20 pictures of her daughter with a random protest sign and was sending them to all of the major news outlets because she wanted to get her daughter on the news. Her daughter, who is 3, had no idea what the sign said or what the march was even about, but that didn't matter, because mom wanted her to be on the news.

    Yeah, fight the good fight, my sisters!

    1. Although I did look it up, the spelling of 'protesters'looks wrong to me either way I type it.

      The protests are just getting silly. A co-worker lives across the street from the gated community home of Senator Jeff Flake, and there were people on her lawn Saturday protesting the Flake wasn't "doing his job" by opposing Trump.

      When the news crews were on her lawn interviewing protestors, my co-worker finally pulled an Eastwood (a la Gran Torino)and went out yelling "GET OFF OF MY LAWN!"

      She has a few really big dogs. I'd have let them out.

      Don't Senators have offices? Go protest there.