Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Sure, Arnold is tough. Yeah, Stallone is bad-ass. And they're both ripped, but maybe all that chicken breast is unnecessary.

I've always said things taste better with bacon, and it turns out it truly is a super food!

In what might be the best plot of all time for an action movie, an 86-year-old woman in England fought off a would-be thief on Monday using bacon.

The woman had picked up her pension from the bank on Monday afternoon and was heading for a store when approached by another woman who grabbed her cart and demanded her money, BBC reports. 

The 86-year-old used the only thing she had on her — a slab of bacon — which she used to hit the thief on the head.

The thief got away empty-handed and the woman was a little shook up, but otherwise fine.

Word is, the new Rocky sequel will involve training with bacon instead of a side of beef.


  1. Hard to tell, but the woman who approached the hunched-over older woman, may have been Black. If so... BACON LIVES MATTER. (I don't really know what that means. I just tossed it out there in the hope that it sounded bigoted so that someone will call me "racis".)

    That video looked like "much ado 'bout nuttin', y'all".

    If that video really portrays what it claims to portray, it's very sad that those English fags have so much "Gun Control". If they allowed their citizen's a "2nd Amendment" right, that long, lanky, Black thief-wannabe would be pushing up bacons today, and making room for one more Islamic refugee in jolly ol' Fagland, B.C.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. I just watched it on the bigger YouTube screen, and I don't think that vicious attacker was Black after all.

      And good thing, too, because that bacon-swipe that the geriatric woman took at her could have killed her. Then we'd have more rioting and governments calling for "Bacon Control".

      ~ D-FensdogG

    2. You shouldn't be so exclusionary...shouldn't all pork lives matter?

  2. This world is making me increasingly ill. I wish I was to the door already...

    1. I still think there's a lot of good amid the stupidity, CW. While you may feel more ready for that next life than I do, I still think we're meant to enjoy this one as best we can and maybe even try to be an example to others so that some may find their way through our actions.

      But when you hear about someone mugging an 86 year old-it's hard not to be ill.