Thursday, June 19, 2014


Redskins owner Snyder

The latest blow in the war against political incorrectness has been struck!

The US Patent And Trademark Office announced that the team’s trademark will be cancelled because the team’s name is disparaging to Native Americans.

Is it a coincidence that President Obama thinks the name should be changed and a Federal agency has taken action?

Why that would be like the IRS going after Tea Party members!

That’s crazy talk!

As a result, the team may have a harder time protecting its name and logo if other people use them without permission on, say, sweatshirts and hats, the Associated Press reported.

"This puts a big dent in their business model of trying to gain revenue from a disparaging term of slur," Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wa.) told ESPN. "I find it very unlikely that someone is going to overrule the patent office on this. This is a huge decision by a federal agency."

Ms. Cantwell, who is obviously of Native American stock...
Since when can you be offended on someone else's behalf?

Allegedly, five Native Americans filed a petition that prompted the Federal agency’s action.

The familiar arguments are fundamentally the same as in Harjo et al v. Pro-Football Inc., a trademark suit filed in 1992 that wound its way through the courts for 17 years. 

If these people are really offended, why don't they sign on to the complaint?
Or did a politician with an agenda hand them a sign and pay them to pretend to protest?

Suzan Shown Harjo and six petitioners won that case before the trademark board in 1999 but lost on appeal, largely on a technical argument that they had waited too long to assert their rights.

Where I object to all of this is, of all of the tribes in the United States, some 5.3 million people claiming Native American descent, only SEVEN found it objectionable enough to be part of Harjo's lawsuit, and only FIVE signed the complaint that the patent office acted on.

Let’s assume both groups are mutually exclusive. That means ELEVEN out of FIVE MILLION were offended.

Since “Native American” can cover a lot of ground, I have not seen confirmation that the complainants are, in fact, red-skinned.

After all, I am a Native American.

And isn’t someone who spends too much time in the sun “red-skinned?” 

I have, at times, been red-skinned. I do not find the team name offensive. 

Reportedly, neither do 95% of Native Americans who are descendants of the indigenous tribes that lived here before the descendants of these politically-correct pinheads arrived here from Europe.

In fact, only 0.0002% of Native Americans found the name offensive enough to sign on to the complaints.

If the name change were to be made, it would be a windfall for Snyder and the NFL.

Gratuitous cheerleader photo

Sales of new team merchandise would undoubtedly propel the fourth most valuable NFL franchise up a notch or two.

I respect Snyder for standing his ground against what appears to be a small minority.

If an overwhelming number of Native Americans had signed on, I might feel differently, but at what point do you stop trying to make a warm and happy place for everyone (except for Christians of course-they should be fed to the lions)?

I have the best solution for Snyder.

Move the team. I hear Los Angeles may be in the market for a team.

That way, it makes sense to do a name change.

All those idiots in Washington can explain to the DC market why they no longer have a football team.

Or, if you’re hell-bent on staying in DC but are going to cave to the pressure, might I suggest re-naming the team the “Politically Correct Liberal Pussies?”

Proposed Uniforms For The Washington Pussies

You can have pink uniforms (which would go over big in October), and a nice little fluffy kitty as the team logo.

New Logo For Washington D.C. NFL Franchise


  1. I am going to reveal just HOW LITTLE I know about football. I thought the Washington Redskins were in Washington State and not D.C. So, with that thought in mind, you can read the rest of this comment.

    Making a change because eleven people in five million find something offensive is beyond ridiculous. I honestly don't care what it is. Haven't these folks ever heard the saying "You can't please all of the people all of the time?" Trying to please everyone at all times will simply keep you chasing your tail and making NO ONE happy. Of course, if making NO ONE happy is your agenda... well, then, I would say it is working.

    If I owned that franchise I would do as you say and move it to another state that doesn't have one and wants one. That would require a name change but it would be one on MY terms and not the whims of the politicos in D.C. Let them sit without a team. Serves them right.

    You would think that the politicians would already have this ideology figured out (If you don't play the game the way that I want then I am going to take my ball and leave.) since they practice it loudly and often. It would be refreshing for someone to serve it back to them.

    1. Of course, I am making an assumption that few really care since so few signed onto the complaint-but if everyone was offended, you would think MILLIONS would want to be named.

      And if that were the case, I'd sign it, too, but I would not have to-I am sure Snyder would change the name under those circumstances.

  2. I long ago changed their name to the Washington Foreskins. I don't know what the fuss is all about.

    1. Problem is CW, this seems like a silly issue, but where does it stop?

      Come to think of it, I find the name CW offensive, as it makes me think of country music. I am going to file a complaint with Blogger.

    2. Hahahaha. I think you are losing it. Maybe you really are DiscConnected.

      ::still laughing::

    3. I find your laughter offensive, Robin...this is obviously some form of prejudice...

  3. Well, the big toe on my left foot has ALWAYS been highly offended by the name Washington Redskins.

    I'm a mixed breed o' dog:

    I'm part Irish... that's why I'm an alcoholic.
    I'm part Scottish... that's why I drink ACME beer and other cheap off-brand brews that I can get for $2.00 per six-pack at Walgreen's drug store.
    I'm part German... that's why I'm always starting World Wars.

    And a small part of me is Mohawk Indian, on my maternal grandmother's side. That "small part" is the big toe on my left foot. (No, it's not some other "small part", wiseguy!)

    The big toe on my left foot wanted to sign the Washington Redskins complaint, but the German part of me said it would declare war on the toe if it did.

    Yeah, that one toe isn't an NFL Football fan, but the rest of me roots for the... "COWBOYS!"

    Did I just write something offensive? It's hard to know anymore. I guess just about EVERYTHING is offensive.

    LC, I hope my comment hasn't offended you.
    I guess I'll know it did if Cosa Nostra comes after me.

    ~ Big Chief Toe (aka Stephen)

    1. Insinuating that because I am half Italian, I have mob connections....that's not offensive (simply misguided).

      Rooting for the Cowboys....drinking ACME beer...THAT'S offensive!

    2. They still brew Acme? I thought Wile E Coyote drank the last one in 1969!

    3. CW-

      Do they still makes those holes you can just pull out of the box and put on the ground to make someone fall in?

      I always wanted to get a supply of those...

      The Acme dynamite is a little too unstable for me...

  4. The 'PCLP's'; offensive or not THAT is hilarious!

    1. What could be offensive about that name?

      Look at that cute pussycat mascot!