Monday, June 23, 2014



  1. I don't know how anyone can read or hear this and actually think it is a good idea.

    If you think of money like you do grades in school it would make even less sense. If you are an A student and study really hard to earn your grade, how infuriating would it be if the teacher said, "I think when I give everyone an A, no matter what grade they actually earned, it's good for everybody?!?" How long would it take for those A students to study just as hard as the F students? Not long. They are pretty smart and don't want to work their butts off if everyone gets the same grade. So, instead of having a classroom of SMART A Students, what you would get by spreading the A around is a STUPID classroom of A students (who are all now F students).

    Re: Reading Between the Lines. I just filled in the Blank.

  2. I've seen it with government employees in action. Out of high school I had a job where I worked for a school district. I'd work non-stop and be looking for more to do. After a couple days, I got a talking to by the other members of the crew to slow down.

    It is a nice sentiment to believe everyone will perform to their best for no other reason than to achieve their full potential, but the reality is, you need to have an incentive.

    Otherwise, why are there families in Philadelphia who have lived on welfare and in fee housing for generations?

    Obama is smart enough to know this doesn't work...but he also knows that if you make people dependent on the government, you have compliant people.

  3. It will be interesting (in a painfully excruciating sort of way) to see what all of these Marxist-Socialist folks say when the welfare state can no longer support the baby boomers into retirement. Obama ran with Hope and Change and then Forward. I suppose Hilary will run with What Difference Does It Make....