Monday, November 18, 2013


What has happened to people in America?

Are we really all this thin-skinned and politically correct?

First, a steroid-infused behemoth checked himself into a hospital for emotional anxiety and whined to the NFL about being bullied (see my post HERE), and now it appears that all 1.354 billion people in The People's Republic of China have declared war on Jimmy Kimmel.

Last month, for a segment on the juvenility of the government shutdown and debt ceiling crisis, host Jimmy Kimmel convened a panel of first graders, one of whom offered the above advice as the best way out of our debt to China.

Kimmel laughed uncomfortably, said “That’s an interesting idea,” and moved on.

That statement was a small part of the skit, and it was obviously a joke.

Poor taste, for sure, but a JOKE.

This clip shows the offending statement, but not the whole skit, so you do not get a feel for how small a part of the skit it was-this was not a skit about bashing the Chinese.

But after the segment aired, the show began to receive complaints from Chinese-American groups. ABC apologized first, then Kimmel himself, and the segment has been removed from the website and yanked from future broadcasts.

But the backlash continues.
A petition on calling for an “investigation” of the show reached the 100,000-signature threshold needed to trigger a White House response. A
nd last week, multiple protests were held in numerous U.S. cities, with some signs comparing Kimmel to a comedian of the 1930's, Adolf Hitler.
Can I stop here?

Jimmy Kimmel is NOT a Nazi.

Jimmy Kimmel is not Hitler.

To portray Jimmy Kimmel as either a Nazi or Hitler as such is simply wrong-and quite frankly, in my opinion FAR WORSE than the statement he made that started this mess.

He didn't write the skit. He didn't say the line (he did repeat it). And it was in jest.

The people portraying him as Adolf Hitler are not making a joke.

They are serious.

And if I were to point a finger, which country, China or the United States, has had more violations of human rights over the past few decades?

I'm just saying...

On November 12 on CNN, an Asian-American accounting professor (see-you simply can't trust those accountants*) said she did not feel Kimmel's MULTIPLE apologies were real apologies.

She also said she feared that Americans were going to treat the Chinese the way they treated the Japanese during World War II (relocating them and incarcerating them).

If this woman was not obviously Asian I would have assumed she was Jonathan Martin's sister.

Really? Can someone explain to me how she goes from a bad joke on a late night TV show to fearing that she'll be sent away to a camp?

Next she'll say Kimmel's skit bullied her.

Jeremy Blum, a writer for the South China Morning Post, thinks the backlash has gone too far, and was now operating out of “mob mentality.”

“As angry groups of Chinese Americans continue to wage war over a matter that’s now more than a month old, I can only wonder if this commotion is truly worth it,” Blum wrote.

Blum noted that the bit had no intention of attacking Chinese people, but was meant to lampoon the American government, and that Kimmel’s response—which many say was worse than the six-year-old’s statement, as Kimmel should have known better—was less than met the eye.

Thank you, Mr. Blum for being a voice of reason.

What more do these protestors want?

Is firing Kimmel really enough?

Perhaps he should be made to personally pay back the US debt to China.

Not enough?

Obviously, the only way to achieve justice now is to kill Jimmy Kimmel. And it should be televised on his own show**!

But that event, although it would make for good television, might be considered extreme and will probably not be sanctioned by the FCC, let alone the politically correct Muslim Kenyan socialist ass who sits in the Oval Office.

So maybe these people need to develop a thicker skin. After all, he did not say this to THEM! How many of them ACTUALLY WERE WATCHING?

And if you were watching, why not turn off the idiot box and go to sleep?

These protestors are looking for drama and looking for attention.

I'd like to recommend to any Chinese Americans who really fear that this skit is an indication of  a resurgence of Nazi politics and an indication of the camps to come, that there is a place where they can move where I guarantee that there will be no persecution of them for being of Chinese origin.

It's called China***!

I am not jingoistic.

I'd rather see you all take a deep breath, accept this for a joke made in poor judgment, and move on.

But if you insist on creating drama, blocking traffic with senseless protests, making Hitler comparisons and whining about detention camps that were shut down almost seventy years ago, all because of a JOKE...

...well I'll be happy to help you pack.

*before you start comparing me to Hitler, I am an accountant, so I get to make accounting jokes with impunity

**ABC may have actually considered this to boost ratings

***ditto on the Hitler comparisons here-one of my in-laws is a Chinese-American, and while I have not asked her, I will bet she hasn't lost much sleep over the whole affair. Now having a member of the family of Chinese origin may not entitle me to make jokes about moving to China without impunity, so feel free to boycott this blog and all of its sponsors.


  1. Well, actually, what I think should be done (and I am NOT joking) is that nearly all Americans should be killed. And after they are dead, then nearly all Chinese people should be killed.

    Hopefully that will get the ball rolling and when all is said and done, nearly all human beings will have been killed, and then finally there really will be peace on Earth and good will toward men. (Except of course for the few women who remain on the planet, who will continue to complain about the very small Patriarchy that still remains.)

    Never mind what I said above. The word "nearly"? Fuhgeddaboudit. Just... kill 'em ALL! Let there be TOTAL peace on Earth.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. for the few women who remain on the planet, who will continue to complain

      That's only because the few men who are left will still leave the toilet seat up and refuse to ask for directions....

  2. I can't believe that people get fired up over what celebrities say regarding politics... particularly late night comedians who make a joke out of everything. If someone who actually had the power to launch an attack on the Chinese made those statements... well, that would be worth some ire. Or even someone in Congress or the Senate (who couldn't launch anything, but should know better than to say idiot things).

    I just can't get excited about this nonsense. I actually feel sorry for Jimmy Kimmel. It was a skit for crying out loud.

    1. It's been over a month and they are still talking about it!

  3. Man, I need to remember that you have this blog. I got stuck on the music blog and forgot to check in with this one. Expect me around here more.

    I do comedy. The two of us say a lot of screwed up things on our blog. Things that, if certain people saw, they'd probably have a field day with (like with us "bullying" poor Yang the imaginary Chinese delivery guy). You already know how I feel about this topic. But let me just say something that might rock the boat a little bit - in my life, Asians have been some of the most racist people I've ever met.

    I used to date a Vietnamese girl, and not just for a few weeks, either. A few years. Her parents refused to even acknowledge my existence because I'm white, and they'd always tell her behind her back to find a nice Asian guy. When I was around they'd talk in Vietnamese (even though they knew English, just so I couldn't understand) and they wouldn't even look at me.

    Then there's my wife. She's 1/16 or 1/32 Chinese, which you can barely even tell through the slighest bit in her eyes. At one point in high school this group of Asian girls befriended her. She thought it was because they thought she was cool. A nice person. They got along really well. One day one of them asks her, "So what are you, anyway? Laotian? Chinese?" My wife says, "I'm Mexican." They were appalled. "You mean you're not Asian?" Her: "Well, no, not really. My dad's Mexican, and my mom's Mexican. There might be some Chinese far away on my dad's side, but I'm Mexican."

    After that they no longer talked to her, because they only wanted to hang out with other Asians.

    My point of these long, rambling stories? That it's never a two way street when it comes to BS like this.

    If I couldn't bring my Asian girlfriend home because my white parents said "she was one of those damn Asians," told me to "just find a nice white girl," and spoke Spanish around her just so she wouldn't understand what they were saying, they'd be racist. People would have a field day.

    If my wife and her Mexican friends no longer wanted to hang out with a Japanese girl because they found out she was Japanese, they'd all be racists and people would be having a field day.

    And if a Chinese comedian joked about, "So how do we deal with all of the problems for our people in America? Kill all of the Americans?" no one would bat an eye.

    Some white kid says it, and suddenly Jimmy Kimmel is hitler. Some Vietnamese family doesn't want their daughter to date a white guy, and that's just "their culture." Some Asian girls don't want to be friends with my wife anymore because she's Mexican, and that's because "they just want to be with their own people."

    Someone explain to me this logic.

  4. Bryan-

    I've been through that with parents a couple of times (Jewish, Greek and Korean)-I assumed it was just because I was a bad seed.

    It scarred me so badly that I never got married!

    When the children are first-generation some of that "tradition" is normal, but it begs the question, why did you leave your country in the first place if all you want is to be with your own people?

    Funny how liberal attitudes can be so one-sided, huh?


  5. For the sake of what little sanity I have left, when it comes to the American public, I have got to believe that this type of thing falls under the 'there is no such thing as bad publicity' headline. Get real people.

    @ Robin - did you really say that Senators and Congressmen should know better than to say idiot things. And here I thought it was their job to say 'idiot things'. After all that seems to be the only thing they are any good at. Oh, I take that back. They also DO idiot things pretty darn good.