Wednesday, November 6, 2013



  1. There are so many quotes from so many "Greats" to this effect. All the way back to Washington we have quotes about the necessity of liberty and the need to challenge a tyrannical government. Even Ronald Regan has some wonderful quotes about tyranny in government. I think about those quotes a lot. Did it take becoming President to understand the tentacles of the forces that drive this country? Are these dire warnings to the people that the President, no matter how well-intentioned, cannot save us. WE must decide that we need saving and act accordingly. Even Ron Paul is very careful about how he words things. Insofar as I am aware, he has not ever called out The International Bankers explicitly and said that they run the country. He has not ever said that no matter the person we elect into the White House, Senate, or Congress... it doesn't really matter. They are not at the helm of this ship. And the only reason I can imagine that is... fear. If anyone "in the know" and who was respected spoke the unvarnished truth they would be slandered and then killed. Or maybe killed and then slandered. So, we get these warnings that we must challenge the government. The problem is that the government is just a front for The Wizards Behind The Curtain and so few people know that. They see "government" as Democrat vs. Republican. Until that changes, we are going to continue to spin our wheels.

    1. I wonder if maybe instead of fear it is out of caution-meaning he thinks the people are not ready for the whole truth?

      Even if you take away the theory of a sinister agenda, it is obvious both parties are about accumulating power.

      If we could just get the public to understand THAT, it would be a huge step forward.

  2. And an offhand comment by me on a (former?) liberal friend's blog got me 8 bullet points of which six were statistics that basically told me "Obama got elected. He can do what he wants and you should LIKE it." I disagreed and haven't heard back since- other than to see that I had one less follower as of a few days later.

    1. CW-

      I find that liberals seem to debate issues by making blanket statements like that and then moving to personal attacks.

      I had an exchange with a man yesterday on the Tossing It Out blog-and in fairness, I did make a few comments alluding to his first comment on the blog that set him off-he had commented the same thing (the people have spoken, Obama is the man, stop being critical of him).

      In his response to me, he made his showing of offense, then told me I was wrong on an industry I've spent my entire adult life working in, then told me he would win any debate with me on any topic, then made a few insults.

      I replied with a further discussion about the characterization I made about the insurance industry (which was his entire premise for my apparent idiocy) and heard nothing back. I did invite him over to this blog, as I did like the way the other blogger characterized the outcome of a debate ("I''ll eat your lunch") and was reminded of another blogger (liberal, too) whose repertoire was limited to profanity typing in upper case rather than actual discourse.

      Another exchange I had yesterday on the same blog with a lady from Canada regarding their healthcare system came from different view points, was very civil, and I think we both came away with an appreciation of the other's positions.

      I enjoy it when people think differently than I do and want to discuss the differences-that's how we learn.

      Sadly, it seems too often that liberals have not really thought through their loyalty to the party of the ideology, and have to resort to schoolyard tactics because they don't have anything else to say.


    2. Actually, I've been following that discussion with a good deal of amusement. I get the impression that the lady was good intentioned and just misguided ("My husband watches the Ed Show, and thus I know what its like in the US"), where the guy probably would have been much less polite (and much less successful) off of Arlee's blog.

      Reminds me of the FB comment I saw a while back after a liberal did just as you described; the conservative poster quipped: "Typical Alinsky tactics- fly over, shit all over everything, complain that everything has been shit on, and fly away."

  3. >>... "Typical Alinsky tactics- fly over, shit all over everything, complain that everything has been shit on, and fly away."

    HA!-HA!-HA!...and so on and so forth...

    That was unquestionably the best laugh I had today! I'm still laughing out loud as I type these words.

    That's ANOTHER thing about "conservatives"... despite what the "celebrities" would have the public believe via their stranglehold on the mainstream media, in truth, conservatives are not only smarter than liberals but much, Much, MUCH funnier!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'