Tuesday, October 22, 2013


President Obama stood front-and-center Monday morning to defend and explain the Affordable Care Act -- now known as ObamaCare -- and the problems that have plagued the central website launched earlier this month to sign up consumers.

Speaking in the White House Rose Garden, with another carefully crafted backdrop of ObamaCare users, the president said "there's no excuse" for the problems with the site.

But he appealed to the public to have patience and defended the product -- government-regulated health insurance -- that the troubled site is selling. 

For now, Obama said, consumers can "bypass the website," and instead apply over the phone or by mail.

The president's comments from the Rose Garden amounted to the most detailed explanation from the administration to date about what is going wrong with the site and what's being done to fix it. It was also the most direct acknowledgement from the president that the site is not living up to expectations.

The president said the site "hasn't worked as smoothly as it was supposed to work" and "nobody's more frustrated by that than I am."

"There's no sugarcoating it. The website has been too slow. People have been getting stuck during the application process," Obama said. "There's no excuse for the problems. ... These problems are getting fixed."

Mr. Illegal Alien President...you just sugarcoated it. This has been a clusterf@#k!

Think it's just right wing propaganda?

The publication Consumer Reports in a recent review said consumers who are overwhelmed by the glitches should "stay away" from the site for "at least another month."

Consumer Reports is well known for its independence, keeping the interests of consumers at the top of their list. And they're recommending caution!

According to HHS, roughly 500,000 applications for coverage have been submitted. This is certainly not a mandate from the people, considering ObamaCare was passed on the contention that there were more than 48 million Americans without insurance.

At this point, it does not matter what the Republicans say or do, and quite frankly, all their showboating is just that-they want a national plan just as much as Obama does.

It means more power, and is a way to further accomplish Obama’s stated goal of redistributing the wealth. I know all of America fell in love with the Kenyan immigrant, so they are too blind to see that he is ALL ABOUT gathering power and furthering his Marxist agenda at YOUR EXPENSE!

Americans ought be careful what they wish for. Many of the misguided liberals with a rose-tinted view of the Obama administration want to see the redistribution of the wealth, because they think it will bring about a shiny happy world.

They think that the wealth will be redistributed from the wealthy to the poor. 

What’s going to happen is it will be redistributed from the middle class to the wealthy.

And it’s all happening right now, but Americans are too busy watching reality television.

And to top it all off-your access to health care will get WORSE!


  1. That Rose Garden debacle yesterday drove me crazy. I'd turn it off and then when I'd turn the radio back on they'd be replaying Obama's yakking. I kid you not, I was so annoyed I almost started a new blog under a different name. My first post was going to be "Barack Obama is a Big Liar".

    Then I took a nap and calmed down and kind of forgot about it.

    Then I saw your post.

    Tossing It Out

    1. That's what bugs me the most about Democrats, Lee-no one holds them accountable.

      In 2008, Obama called Bush a criminal for the amount of deficit spending, yet he surpassed that in his first year.

      He was going to bring the troops home in six months....they're still there.

      That's why I still make the Kenya jokes-he's lied about EVERYTHING, so why would the birth certificate be any different?

  2. There's Plenty O'Truth in this blog bit. But none of it was mo' tru den dis:

    >>...it does not matter what the Republicans say or do, and quite frankly, all their showboating is just that - they want a national plan just as much as Obama does.

    One Plan, One Party, TWO Ways To Deceive The Americonned Sheeple.

    Damn! I should add that as a permanent slogan at da Top O'Me Blog!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  3. It is a train wreck. No doubt about it.

    1. Yet liberal America still makes all these excuses for his failure.

      What is this hold he has over people?