Saturday, July 6, 2013


In Russia, social lines are tightly drawn between a conservative majority that regards homosexuality as a disease and a small, but active LGBT community that wants to live in the open and enjoy the same minority rights and protections that LGBT people in the West do (thanks to the Emporer Obama).



A new law, signed into force by President Vladimir Putin on Monday, will shift the balance in that picture – by effectively placing the state squarely on the side of those anti-gay nationalist demonstrators.

It's the latest in a raft of legislation that appears to be aimed at changing the character of Russia's state system from the secular, pluralistic democracy outlined in Russia's 1993 Constitution to something supporters refer to as a "majoritarian" democracy, in which the stress is laid upon defending the traditional identity and sensibilities of a majority that feels itself under threat from what it sees as attacks by "aggressive minorities."

Now whether or not you’re standing behind (pun intended) the Russian LGBT lobby or not, I think we can all agree that sentencing pro-gay demonstrators to prison might not be the way to go.

After all, nothing curbs gay tendencies like a bunch of guys in a prison setting, right?


  1. I don't feel like I have a good comment for this post given that I don't know much about Russia, LC. However, I wanted you to know that I read it. Prison: not a good idea.

    1. Robin-

      I just found it very amusing that the Russian "cure" for homosexuality was to put more men in prisons... where sodomy is not an uncommon occurrence.


  2. Man, those pictures you posted HAD to come from the movie 'THE LONGEST YARD', right?

    Only they look different to me. I'm guessing they're from the remake of that movie, which I've never seen.

    As I recall, the "gals" in the original wore long gold evening gowns with more "sparkle".

    [Say... Do you know what happened to the comment I submitted to the previous BACK IN THE USSR post about Obama and his reinvigorated enthusiasm for curbing so-called "Global Warming"? I wrote what I thought was a pretty good comment but it never appeared. Robin submitted a comment to my blog the other day that got eaten by the Blogspot Bug before it reached my Dashboard. Maybe the same thing happened to the one I submitted to your blog.]

    ~ D-FensDogg
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    1. They probably were from the remake, then-I did a search for "Longest Yard" cheerleaders and that's all I found.

      Let me make sure the other comment is not in my inbox, although I do not recall it.