Monday, July 1, 2013


This one has had me shaking my head since I was a yewt...

With the exception of very small children who probably could not read the label anyway, doesn't everyone already know this one?

Let's see....this machine is making a lot of noise and that sharp thing that CUTS THE GRASS INTO SHREDS is spinning really fast.

Maybe I'll keep my hands out of there...seems like it might be prudent..

In fact, don't we really want anyone who just can't assume that it's a bad idea to put your hand into the running lawn mower out of the gene pool?


  1. Oh dear. Jaws is in the water.

  2. We learned that in kindergarten, when they brought in the shredded shoe of another class' student who got his foot caught under the mower. But, you know how it is with lawyers and such. You have to go to greater lengths to idiot proof things because we breed so much better idiots these days.

  3. "Mother Nature has ways of thinning the herd." Had me on the floor for a minute. Too stupid to live, or far to litigation happy, either way they will make you nuts if you let 'em.

  4. You know, for the sake of consistency, if they're going to put labels like that on lawn mowers, shouldn't they be putting similar labels on garbage disposals?

    "ROTATING BLADE. Do not put hands or feet down the sink and into the garbage disposal unit when motor is running."

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  5. How about a warning label on ice cream?

    "Warning-this product could cause your wardrobe to shrink"

    Maybe what we need is the Federal government to assume all lawn care duties to protect us weak-minded people. While they are at it, they can install those airport scanners in our yards to detect gophers.

    It's a win-win!