Monday, January 21, 2013


I had been going back and forth with a few liberal folks on Facebook-the political debate started on a Todd Rundgren fan's page, and he commented on the Social Security tax increase and how he felt that both parties were full of ka-ka (that's slang for doo-doo).

The liberal gentlemen I was swapping comments with were telling me how Democratic politicians want to help people and how Republicans are evil and do not (referencing the Sandy aid vote).

These guys were clearly forgetting the flip flop in the debt ceiling vote between the Bush and Obama administrations (with Ron Paul being the sole constant).

In their minds, Republicans will vote their party line but Democrats are free of such trickery.

But what really hit me, is that both James and Otto (their real first names) were waxing nostalgic for the 2008 election, one saying how astonished he was that we have a black president when it seems like only yesterday the Jim Crow south was in full swing, and how proud he was of America when Obama got elected. 

The other seemed almost misty-eyed as he spoke of how much better things are with Obama at the helm when fifty years ago he would have been denied access to certain water fountains.

I am not a prejudiced man, but America does not need a black president.

Hear me out before you start fitting me for a white sheet-what I mean is, we need the BEST candidate to be president REGARDLESS OF HIS RACE.

Back in 1996, that candidate happened to be black (Alan Keyes), but apparently Americans were not ready for a candidate who believed in family values, honesty and integrity.

And we apparently still are not ready for those things, because our current president certainly speaks with a forked tongue.

American needs serious leadership, which means we need people to cast their vote after serious consideration. 

Our Kenyan-In-Chief has not been good for this country, having continued the economic slide begun by the Big W and squandered trillions while lying to us all the while.

He said the troops would be home in six months and four years later, they're still over there. 

He's using a tragedy to usurp the people's second amendment rights. 

Hell, there is still reasonable suspicion that he's not even an American citizen!

But we have a back president where fifty years ago he'd be sitting on the back of the bus, were he allowed a seat at all.

Look how far we've come! 

How fashionable!

Did I mention that voting for a man BECAUSE he is black is as racist an act as NOT VOTING for a man because he is black?

James and Otto and all you other bleeding hearts-your children will have a hell of a price to pay because you voted the "fashionable" choice. 

Better for America had Obama been cast as Alfred E. Neuman in the stage version of Mad Magazine:The Musical.

For the record-it is no accident that this post goes live on MLK day!

And don't blame me-I wrote in Ron Paul not once but twice!


  1. Yes, yes and yes! Great post. I am still bereft over the election.

  2. >> . . . Better for America had Obama been cast as Alfred E. Neuman in the stage version of Mad Magazine:The Musical.


    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'