Sunday, July 22, 2012


Let me start off by saying that the shootings at the Batman premiere in Colorado are a tragedy, the shooter is an asshole and my thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims.

However, there is a part of this story, incidental to the tragedy, that is really sticking in my craw, and you lucky faithful readers get to experience me hacking my craw clear.

 I would like to address the "miracle" of the three month old in the theater who escaped unharmed.

A young couple who'd recently moved from New Mexico and were attending the midnight show with their children, one an infant, and they threw themselves on their children, the mother being hit in the leg by shrapnel.

I may catch some heat for this sentiment, but tt serves her right!

What the hell is an infant doing in a movie theater at midnight?

In fact, unless the movie is animated, with talking fish, what the hell is an infant doing in a theater, period?

While I deplore the current state of movies where every week a new comic book or video game on film is released, do all of the walking dead that constitute the American movie going public have to be sujected to your frigging screaming kid in a theater?

Can you give me a side order of talking on your cell phone with that ignorant behavior?

Sorry, I am not bowled over by the mother's sefless act of protecting her baby.

It is more than offset by the selfish act of having her baby disturb everyone else who paid to go to the same movie because she was too cheap to arrange for a sitter.

In my opinion, she should spend the whole movie sprawled over that child to shut it the hell up and spare the rest of the audience.


The only "miracle" here is that our society allows people that stupid and ignorant to reproduce.


  1. Man, Hear!-Hear!

    Totally agree. And I'll go half a step further by adding that anyone who wants to understand the current sad and deplorable State Of The Union need only look at the movies that make truckloads of money in America today.

    Most Americans no longer have even the brain power of monkeys! 'The Hunger Games', 'Batshit Crapped Again', 'Comic Book Hero Retards #69' - Hokey-Smoke, man, put the Hollywood jackass in leotards and add 88 minutes of computerized special effects and you have a money-making, record-setting blockbuster on your hands!

    Hey, everyone's free to pay for the crappy entertainment they can best wrap their little minds around, but I'll tell you this: NOBODY who'd make it a point to see 'Batshit Crapped Again' the first week of its release could be a friend of mine.

    Everything about the topic makes me ill. Somebody ought to produce a movie titled 'Catwoman Vs. Charlie's Angels' and then gas everybody in the theatres to death. It could only raise the country's collective I.Q.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    POSTSCRIPT: Has my HONEST opinion been expressed too harshly? If so, feel free to delete the comment.

  2. I don't know....

    My treatment of "Catwoman Vs. Charlie's Angels" was just sent to all the major studios.

    It features a lot of nekkid hot oil wrestling scenes (as any high brow movie should).

    I don't feel as strongly as you do towards anyone who wants to see a movie the night it comes out-I've seen my share of silly movies (hey, I PURCHASED a copy of the A-Team movie).

    But a baby at a midnight show? Really?

    And they're just overdoing it.

    Remember back when "Superman" came out? Wasn't it more than ten years until "Batman?"

    Now there's a new comic book movie every week.

    Enough already!