Sunday, July 4, 2010


After campaign lies promising to bring the troops home, our President is following in his predecessor’s boots in trying to build the American empire.

There are those who will call this a war.

I ask you-how can it be a war when we have not declared war on anyone?

There is a reason we have not declared war on anyone-we do not have an enemy.

The war on terrorism is a fallacy. A fib. A scam. A sham. Emporer Obama is lying to you.

Terrorism is not a place, or a people. Terrorism is a strategy, or a tactic. A tactic is a way to fight a war, not the war itself.

So who are we fighting. ?

You may say we are at war with al Queda, but if that’s the case, they have at most, an alleged force of ten thousand.

How is it they are able to fight the most powerfully military force in the world for going on eight years?

Could there be other motivation at work here?

Bruce Springteen wrote a song called "Magic," that was all about the Bush administration’s proficiency at misdirection and deceit.

For some reason, his followers do not want to admit that King Obama is continuing the same web of lies.

This war is being fought against the American people. Look at what rights have been stripped of us during the last eight years.

Do you feel safer?

Is the world any less violent?

Are there more terrorists or less than there were ten years ago?

Is the economy any better?

Can you point to one benefit other than the “Cash For Clunkers,” and before you bring that up, remember that your kids are going to have to foot the bill for that one.

Somehow, this putz (can I call the President a putz or is that breaking the law?) has managed to brainwash half of the country.

No small feat, considering seventy percent of the American Idiots figured Lord Bush out.
Happy Fourth of July. When you hang your flag out, make sure you do it for the right reasons.

Yes, we want to support the troops.

Let’s support them by returning them to their wives and mothers and children.

Write to your congressmen and senators and let them know you’re tired of the military farce.

Bring them home.

I’d say, “impeach Obama,” but then we’d have President about a PUTZ!

Don’t blame me-I voted for Ron Paul.


  1. Very nicely stated, DISCMAN.

    And as if it weren't bad enough already, we have not just a "putz" in the White House, but he's an alien putz to boot! [Where’s that birth certificate, Commander USAP?]

    On page 205 of his excellent book “The Assassination Of Joe McCarthy”, Medford Evans writes:

    “Perhaps nothing is more germane to the decline of the American Republic in the second half of the Twentieth Century than the ease with which a Joe Welch could hoodwink so many of the American public.”

    To that I would add: Perhaps nothing is more germane to the decline of the American Republic in the first half of the Twenty-First Century than the ease with which a Barack Obama could hoodwink so many of the American public.

    I like your displaying of the Revolutionary Flag rather than the modern “Stars And Stripes”, as it leaves out Hawaii, a state whose officials have deliberately misled the Americonned people into believing that president USAP was born there. Personally, I highly doubt it, but even if he was, you can bet your bottom (nearly worthless) dollar (Federal Reserve Note) that there’s something pertaining to that birth which disqualifies him from holding office. We are being led by a Saul Alinsky-styled foreign Marxist putz, and few Americans seem to care. “This is the end, my only friend, the end.”

    Here at my house, on these “patriotic” holidays, I fly only the Revolutionary Flag and the black & white POW/MIA flag. I wonder what my neighbors think (if in fact they’re thinking at all).

    Yeah, and don’t blame me either; I represent another vote that was cast for Ron Paul - the American patriot’s choice for president.

    ~ Stephen
    "As a dog returns to his own vomit,
    so a fool repeats his folly."
    ~ Proverbs 26:11

  2. Thanks, Stephen T. I hope I did not tread on some of your future post ideas (I tried not to) but I gotta admit to copping the flag idea from ya!.

    The whole alien thing will be on a future post-I saw a supermarket rag (Weekly World News) had an Obama Is An Illegal headline-I almost bought it.

  3. Nothin' to worry about, Brother. There's room enough in this town for the both of us.

    This makes two patriotic blogs that are being ignored (rather than just my own).

    That comment was made solely for effect because, in fact, we know there are more than two Constitution-minded blogs being ignored. There are also a couple of blogs overseen by my buddy Br'er Marc, and undoubtedly many others as well.

    We're all just yelling into the wind, however, but at least in the last days we'll be able to say that we tried. Although nothing can alter what is written. And as for the demise of the United States as we know it, indeed "it is written." But keep up the good fight until the end arrives.

    ~ "Lonesome Dogg" McD-Fens