Friday, November 18, 2016


Here is the headline I saw....


And here is the actual story...(LINK HERE)

A man at a Florida Starbucks was caught on video yelling "Trump" and blaming "anti-white discrimination" for not getting his coffee more quickly on Wednesday.

The Miami Herald reported that Jorge de Cárdenas posted a video on Twitter at 5 p.m. Wednesday that showed a man at a Starbucks near the University of Miami yelling at an employee after he said his wait for his coffee was too long. During the 2-minute video, the man is seen asking for his money back before insulting the employee.

"You’re trash," he said to the female cashier, according to the Herald. "'Cause I voted for Trump. Trump. You lost, now give me my money back. You’re garbage. You’re complete trash."

Cárdenas told the Miami New Times that the man blamed the delayed coffee on "anti-white discrimination." "He said it was 'anti-white discrimination,'" he said. "So he started disparaging the staff. 

One patron called him an (expletive), so he said, '(Expletive) you, (expletive).' That's when I started filming."

Cárdenas said the other customer told the man that "there’s no need to talk like that" and said he should "take it outside," the New Times reported. Cárdenas said the two men "almost came to blows."

The Herald has since talked to the man, David Sanguesa, 53, who said he was having a bad day. The Herald noted that was just Sanguesa's latest bad day, writing that he had "one in 2008 when he was arrested on a DUI charge. The one a week later when he was again charged with DUI. And the day in 2014 in when he was charged with domestic violence, which was later dropped. And there were all those days, going back years, when he emailed the Miami Herald with rants against Cubans, women, immigrants, gays and lesbians, President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton."

Now here is why I object. If I were to publish this EXACT same story, but change the headline to read "Gay Man," "Lesbian Woman," "Black Man (or Woman)," "Transgender Man (or Woman)," or even "Muslim Man (or Woman)," I would get hate mail because the fact that the perpetrator was gay or lesbian or black or transgender or muslim has nothing to do with the event.

Yet what is going on here is indicative of a week and a half of media manipulation of the public to further undermine a Trump administration.

Do not misunderstand me-Mr. Sanguesa acted inappropriately (and that is putting it nicely), but his behavior really has nothing to do with his political leanings.

This "news" story has absolutely NOTHING to do with Donald Trump!

Don't get me wrong-Trump has given the media (and stand-up comedians) a boatload of material to work with, and I am not trying to liken this one story to an attempt at defaming Ghandi.

I am sick of the fact that all Trump voters are being portrayed as neo-Nazis.

Remember, the Palm Beach Post led with the word "Trump," implying that the story had more to do with the president-elect than it did the ravings of an (at least at that moment) unbalanced person.

What is funny is, Trump did appeal to a lot of people who might be broad brushed as narrow minded and possibly even jingoistic.

Want to know why I think that is?

For eight years, the supposedly "enlightened" and "inclusive" left treated that segment of the population like shit.

And guess what? 

They came out and voted for change, while the arrogant left stayed home thinking they had the election in the bag.

So today, my post is a hearty "Fuck You" to the media, and a heart-felt "Get Over Yourself" to the idiots still holding anti-Trump rallies.

My post is also a plea to the Trump voters.

You won. 

Be better than they are and stop rubbing it in. 

And be better than they were during the Kenyan years and remember that the country belongs to all of us, even though not everyone acts that way.


  1. First, standing ovation!!!!!!!

    Second, I posted a mini-rant on Arlee Bird's latest post which says, and not nearly so well, the same thing. Right Down to the get over yourselves.

    And finally, Laurie suggested your closing meme was missing only Obama going, "Gary, here I am!"

  2. Good one, Laurie!

    Isn't this getting ridiculous, CW?

    I really wonder if the protesters think someone is going to just put Clinton in office because they are protesting.

  3. Over the past couple of years I think there have been more non-news stories in the "news" than ever before in history. I partly blame the internet and click bait. The formerly "respected" media now resorts to National Enquirer tactics to grab readers and then proceeds to feed them something stupid to help make the readers even stupider than they were going into the article.

    And the TV news networks--what I'd like is more news, less chatter. Good grief! How many pundits are there out and about and do they ever stop rattling on about the same thing?

    On my current blog post series I don't think I'm gloating in any way, but merely trying to explain my position in what I think is a reasonable way.

    It seems my explanations are making some people more angry than any gloating. A lot of the anti-Trump crowd seems to want to hang on to their anger and disillusionment and even wallow in it. Though the response doesn't make me angry, it does baffle me since a lot of these people seem to love explaining what they believe, why they believe it, and why everyone else should believe. The touted tolerance of the left is very limited--oxymoronic I suppose, or maybe just plain moronic.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. First off, Lee-I hope this post did not give you the impression it was aimed at you-I think I posted it before landing on your current series, so my use of the term "gloating" is really aimed at those who are actually gloating.

      I think you are getting some of your emotional comments who do have legitimate objections to things Trump has said. I do not expect all of America to have a Trump/kumbaya moment, but at some point they need to accept what those of us who wrote in Ron Paul the last two elections accepted-our candidate lost.

      But I agree-there's no real way to get objective news coverage anymore.

      One thing that I'm not sure I agree with-when you say people love explaining WHY they believe it-I usually don't get much in the way of reason when discussing that. I was at my girlfriend's for turkey dinner and her niece (a college student) was going on an on about the evils of Trump, and I finally got her to admit that Clinton was her "lesser of two evils" vote.

      In short, she did not really "believe it."

      Happy Thanksgiving, Lee-as silly as our nation has become, we are still blessed to live here. And the world is still turning after eight years of Obama and will continue to do so after Trump.


    2. No, I didn't take this as directed at me in any way and I know what you're saying about the gloating. Although after all the pompous prognosticating before the election and the ridicule the Trump supporters faced before the election I can see how rubbing the win in would be tempting.

      About the "Love explaining" reference I was talking about leftists who seem to relish getting into a deep explanation of everything and citing non-truths over and over as though hoping those things will eventually be accepted as fact and at this point a lot of things are just stated as "truth."

      For example you refer to "legitimate objections to things Trump has said" when in actuality Trump never said those things or not quite like they were often reported as what he said. A prime example is the one you gave in a comment on my site about "mocking a disabled reporter"--did you see my response? The mocking of a disability never happened and when you examine the entire story and then see what he said in his speech you can see he never mocked a disability. And yet the story still gets repeated to the point where it continues to get cited and many people believe it.

      I can probably explain everything the anti-Trumpers come up with--which is what I'm doing in my series. I'm sick of people using these false examples and creating a mythology to be repeated as though they are facts.

      Hope you're having a great vacation weekend. Nice and relaxing here--so far at least.

      Arlee Bird
      Tossing It Out

    3. I am not sure I recognize the source in your link as any less biased than other sources-just a different bias. There are too many examples of internet sites that appeal to right-wingers that seem just a full of excrement as left wing sites.

      But even all that is not where my focus is-if you just go to the clip of Trump I refer to-is the way he is "quoting" the reporter the way you'd expect a President to act, or is it more like the actions of a high schooler?

      I have an objection to a presidential candidate behaving like that.

      I suspect many of Trump's votes were "lesser of two evils" votes, something I also suspect of Clinton's numbers.

      I am not anti-Trump. I am disgusted that for the last twenty years, the two parties have put forth candidates who were lacking.

      I think America ought to have a higher standard for "best and brightest."

    4. What I think most people are missing about Trump's campaign behavior is that he was capitalizing on his image as an entertainer and someone speaking to the regular folk.

      Seriously, do you think Trump would have gotten the attention he did if he had always acted "presidential" and gave deep detailed policy speeches? He would have never gotten those crowds at his rallies or the coverage he received from the media.

      Presidents no longer persuade voters with a dull serious approach--people don't have the patience for that. Our presidents are marketed and use a lot of media manipulation. Trump's campaign was actually brilliant when you start examining the workings of it--scientific and highly calculated. That is the kind of president that I want to see running the country: The guy who won by spending the least amount of money and is adaptive enough to take on the role of office in a serious way when the time comes. I see that time coming.

      We won't know if we got the "best and brightest" until once Trump starts running things, but I am optimistic. In my lifetime I have not seen any presidents who attained true greatness for their accomplishments. Reagan carries the myth of greatness which places him in an iconic position. Nixon had a potential for greatness, but he got mired down in the chicanery of party politics.

      But as far as campaigning, Trump pulled off something never seen before as he combined the flash of celebrity with the reach of social and press media in order to tap into the heart of America. Trump might surprise us more than any of us expected--which logically would be what I would expect to happen--or he could fizzle out as another failed American political experiment. We'll see.

      Arlee Bird
      Tossing It Out

    5. To your last point, I'd still refer you to the voter turnout numbers. I am not sure this is an example so much of Trump winning as Clinton losing.

      I agree with you on his campaign behavior, but that is kind of my point-it rubbed some people the wrong way and I respect their right to be rubbed that way.

      I am not attending protest rallies if that's what you are thinking-well, maybe a cry-in or two, and obviously I want Trump's presidency to succeed.

      Inm fact, I will go you one better-I do not think there is any scenario where I would see his administration as a failure. If he fails because the "established" politicians refuse to work with him, it exposes them for what they are.

      Sadly, I think most Americans will be too busy watching UFC to notice.