Tuesday, September 6, 2016


The Miss America pageant has been around for close to a century, but this year's event is going to be a first for the organization.

The pageant's first openly gay contestant, Erin O'Flaherty from Missouri, is competing for the 2017 title.

The 23-year-old made national news when she was crowned Miss Missouri back in June, and speculation of some girl-on-girl action during the talent show is widespread.

OK, maybe I just made that up, sexist pig that I am. 

But all you guys were thinking it, you sexist bastiges.

And some of you gals were, too! 

And porn producers (cause you know you're already starting to shoot the film), remember, it was my idea! 

Contact this blog for direction on where to send the royalty checks!

How many of you bigots saw the picture and thought, “She doesn’t look gay?)

And while we're at it, how many of you guys are wondering if you can get her to switch teams?

While O'Flaherty is the first openly gay contestant to compete at Miss America, Sky News reported at least one other former contestant came out as a lesbian after competing in the pageant. It was Miss Kentucky 2010, Djuan Trent.

I kind of miss the days when this was the biggest Miss America surprise…

What I find most interesting is that this contest has been blasted by feminist groups as being demeaning towards women since it is based on looks.

Now it is being celebrated since a member of the LGBT community is free to demean herself just like her straight sisters.

Now that's progress!

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