Saturday, June 18, 2016


The headline on this story I saw on Cox's webmail log in page screamed at me to post it.

Fight over yams leads to shooting in Florida

One might think that Florida has seen enough violence for one week, with Orlando seeing the killing of "Voice" singer Christina Grimmie last Friday, and the nightclub killings on Saturday.

But residents of West Palm Beach apparently want their fifteen minutes, and they're getting it, with one man shooting another for digging up...wait for it....a yam!

A yam? Isn't that basically a sweet potato with an attitude? 

And aren't they about $1.49 a pound? 

Maybe shooting someone over a fricking potato can be considered extreme, huh?

I thought I was done with this blog, but every time I see a stupid news story I feel the call....congratulations, West Palm Beach-you apparently have the depths of stupidity it took to lure me off the sidelines!


  1. LC ~
    To a, a $1.49 per pound yam looks like a $149,000.00 piece of gold.

    We have lots of problems in this country, but the older I get the more I begin think our biggest problems are issues related to "Low IQs" and "Emotions".

    You may fit any groups into those two categories that you think reasonably belong. I know I have.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. The supermarket did have a sweet potato last week that was massive-enough that I wondered whether it was bigger than my own melon and pondered how long it would take to bake it (who says no chemicals are in our foods?).

      But considering that the average size is somewhere less than a pound, that means the shooter spent more on the bullet than he saved on the yam.

      Where do you draw the line for low IQ-think of how stupid the average person is.

      Maybe we should give the yams a chance at governing...

    2. Well, the yams couldn't do any worse, that's for sure.

      I used to believe that the person with an average IQ was... well... average. But now I think the average American is a flippin' retard! Not joking. No, NOT joking!!

      Comments all over the Internet have shown me just how retarded the majority of people in this country are.

      ~ D-FensDogG