Monday, November 17, 2014


Kurt Warner is probably best known to Americans for being the leader of the “Greatest Show on Turf” offense for the St. Louis Rams when they won Super Bowl XXXIV.

Considered probably the best undrafted player in NFL history, Warner was bagging groceries before a stroke of luck turned him into the NFL’s hottest QB.

Warner is also known for his evangelical side, which gained worldwide attention when redirecting an interviewer after Super Bowl XXXIV.

Interviewer: "Kurt, first things first--tell me about the final touchdown pass to Isaac."

Warner: "Well, first things first, I've got to thank my Lord and Savior up above--thank You, Jesus.”

Really-who does this guy think he is?

Together with his wife Brenda, Warner has been active as both a Christian speaker and a volunteer for missionary causes.

Warner’s religious faith has come under fire in the past, as has his (gasp) public support of his wife.

The Warner family

His faith again came under fire last weekend, after a joke he cracked on an NFL pregame show led to an online assault by militant atheists.

Warner was doing a segment Sunday on the NFL Network featuring Steelers QB Ben Roethlesberger, discussing his ability to adapt to defensive schemes.

“I’m not fully buying the evolutionary theory where one species transforms into another,” Warner said. “But if we’re talking about the idea that every species has the ability to adapt over time, well then I’m all in.”

“As a matter of fact, I’ve actually seen this happen in a group I’ve been studying for years: NFL quarterbacks,” he added.

A joke flavored with possible pro-Christian sentiments? 

This guy should be stoned, right?

Or worse.

“People who believe in creationism should just be lined up and shot for being too stupid to live,” one Deadspin commenter wrote, “and are too dangerous to have walking around in society.”

Yes, unlike people who threaten to shoot anyone who does not agree with them. 

Nothing says "open-mindedness" like a death threat.

“Didn’t [K]urt Warner have a ton of concussions in his career? Why do people inject their stupid religious beliefs in their commentary,” another brilliant screed read.

Although, if you think about it, the level of intelligence demonstrated by these twittering idiots does sort of make a case for them being close relatives of monkeys, right?

I'm just saying...

Or did I just insult the monkeys?

Warner’s decorum compared to that of his "critics" on Twitter made a compelling argument for the character-building aspect of religion, as well as further demonstrating how nasty the so-called liberal and tolerant left can be.

And how close-minded the allegedly enlightened truly are.

Christians are strong in their beliefs, but are called to love everyone, including those who demonstrate behavior they may disagree with.

A trait that Warner has demonstrated every publicly captured moment during the fifteen years I have followed his career (this is me, coming out of the closet as a Rams fan).

I feel like I owe a debt to Warner. 

In September of  1999 I was at the lowest point in my life-I'd lost the best friend in my life during the summer of 1998 (to cancer), followed by losing the love of my life a few weeks prior to the football season (we broke up-to my knowledge she is still very much alive and, I sincerely hope, very happy with her life-although it would be ok if she regretted us not working out just a little bit).

Warner's "rags-to-riches" story and the Rams "out-of-nowhere" season made football fun for me to watch again. 

It also helped snapped me out of a dark mood that had lasted far too long. 

I still remember the feeling I had on that last tackle of the Super Bowl. As the confetti showered, I felt like I was finished with all of the baggage I was carrying. 

Don't get me wrong-football is a game. But that fall, it was a diversion I needed, and I thank Kurt for that. 

Setting the game aside, Warner is simply a class act.

Losing his next Super Bowl to the Patriots, he was all class.

Benched by the Rams, he was an exemplary teammate, with never a disparaging word about the man who replaced him. 

Criticized by the St. Louis media for his religious beliefs and for his unwavering support of his wife, he was still a gentleman whenever interviewed. 

Ditto during similar benching situations in New York and Arizona. 

And after all the adversity, he still led Arizona to its first-ever Super Bowl and darn near pulled off an upset.

In the wake of the controversy over the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal, Warner never accused the Saints of a cheap shot, simply acknowledging that it was a "violent game."

Warner is active in both the Phoenix and St. Louis communities, and heads the First Things First charity. 

This is a man whose life embodies his Christian faith.

And someone is advocating lining him up and shooting him simply because of a different point of view?

This reminds me of the "debate" in the movie God's Not Dead.

Atheists are not content with their own disbelief-they need everyone to share it with them.

Tolerance is a two-way street, athiests!

Stand tall, Kurt-I know you do not really need my support (you've got Someone far more meaningful than me in your corner), but you have my support anyway, along with my admiration.

Not for your performance as a football player, but for how you conduct yourself as a person.


  1. LC ~
    After a post like that, I'm proud to be able to call you a friend of mine! "I just want to thank you for saying what needed to be say-ed." (That quote comes from one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Beer Boy Bryan hooked me up with it, and maybe he'll do the same for you when he comes around here, which I'm sure he will sooner or later.)

    You've posted a lot of good blog bits over time and I can't recall all of them, but this is quite possibly my favorite ever. You nailed all the relevant points and nailed 'em well.

    >>... Or did I just insult the monkeys?

    Yeah, you did. They'll probably forgive you for it though, unlike the pseudo-atheists who are gonna hold it against you until the day they die and (cringe to) see the Light.

    >>... In September of 1999 I was at the lowest point in my life...

    That's where I am - SOLIDLY! - right now, but for different reasons.

    I realize that this post is not about the science that supports the theories of Evolution, or more accurately the lack of any hard science that supports those false theories, but having studied Evolution in great depth, as well as the evidence that supports a more spiritual view of life, I just want to quickly say the following:

    My many, many years of extensive examination of the so-called evidence that supposedly supports the Evolutionary world-views, eventually brought me to the conclusion that...


    They AREN'T even based on STUPIDITY.

    ATHEISM & EVOLUTION are based on something even dumber than stupidity. They are BASED on conscious, willful REBELLION against the One Power that can never, ever, be overcome. (In which case, I suppose we could even call it SUPERSTUPIDITY. But doomed REBELLION is what it really is.)

    Great blog bit, Brother. Way to stand up for a good man!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  2. Not watching sports, I had no idea who this guy was... or all of the sniping at him. Sounds like he has handled it all with class.

    I know that atheists are very outspoken, but they are in the minority. (Maybe that's why they're so feral... don't know.) BUT, if I can find it, I am going to dedicate something to you on Thursday that covers atheism, Christianity, and politics. This is a strange country we live in.

  3. L.C., I thank you for saying what needed to be say-ed!

    Wrasslin's still real to me, dammit

    Atheists are not content with their own disbelief-they need everyone to share it with them.

    As Stephen said, this is an all star post, and that sentence right there captures everything. I've never really followed Kurt Warner or the Rams. In 1998 I was celebrating the Broncos' second back to back Super Bowl win and watching with pride as John Elway retired in glory. For me, Kurt Warner's cinderella story went mostly unnoticed.

    With that said, Kurt Warner sounds like a decent guy, and his joke was funny. It wasn't ill-mannered, and it didn't even try to push his beliefs down anyone's throat. It was merely a setup for the punchline. The fact that so many atheists got so butthurt over this harmless comment and felt the need to obnoxiously berate him (and threaten him) just shows how ridiculous and even hypocritical atheists can be. They slam militant Christians any chance they get, but view themselves as heroes for being militant atheists. Loud, outspoken views are okay... but only if they line up with my own.

    “I’m not fully buying the evolutionary theory where one species transforms into another,” Warner said. “But if we’re talking about the idea that every species has the ability to adapt over time, well then I’m all in.”

    I think a lot of modern Christians share this belief, and it also amazes me that atheists will twist this kind of statement into a Christian being a clueless, brainless jackass who doesn't understand basic science.

    Microevolution can be proven. We see that in nature all the time. Most people, like Kurt Warner, are not disputing that, as indicated by his statement. I won't dispute that. The problem comes from macroevolution, the thought that an entire animal can evolve from a single celled organism for no reason whatsoever. This is entirely different from the evolution we view in nature!

    So lumping these different types of evolution into one big soupy mess and then saying, "See? Kurt Warner doesn't believe in evolution even though it's been proven! He's an idiot!" is an incredibly weak argument based on misleading information.

    Also, L.C., in honor of your license plate post from a few weeks back I wanted to end on a lighter note by sharing this. He's a... Jazz fan, right? JAZZ?


    1. Just the idea that we should kill those who do not think the same way we do....what arrogance. Never mind the obvious illiteracy of those doing the tweeting...

      Liberal used to not be a bad word-loosely defined it meant open-minded.

      What's open-minded about the above tirades?

      This story caught my eye because it was Warner, but I felt the same way a week ago when a co-worker who went to Chichfila for lunch was accused of supporting a homophobe.

      No! The Chickfila executive was asked whether he believes in the Biblical definition of marriage and he said he did. He went on to say that the policies in his stores do discriminate against anyone who believes differently.

      So even though he is following his Christian faith to the letter, in belief and in action (not casting judgement on the actions of another), that is not enough for the LGBT lobby-he should be put out of business (economic death) for thinking differently.

      I truly believe that Christians will find themselves under siege in the near future....because many of the people who normally would be willing to live and let live see these stories on blogs and take them as fact, rather than opinion.

      Now killing everyone with vanity plates is not narrow-minded at just makes good sense!

  4. I wish to Echo STMC's comments. Warner made me both a Rams and a Cards fan. Previous battles with atheists tell me your conclusion is spot on. Visit the Freedom From Religion FB page once. It is a peek into the gibbering voices of daemons. Atheists kid themselves that they have no religion. They just don't realize what it is. And their comments are the same timbre as those of the LGBT evangelists when you rattle their cages. A well written post, my friend.

    1. I'm working on another post with a similar theme-the venom coming from atheists is somewhat concerning.

      Now is the time for Christians to be vocal, but stick to their principles-Christianity is still about love for your fellow man, even if he may be evolutionally closer to a primate.

      I still think it sad that the fringe elements on both sides get all the press. There certainly are a minority of Christians who act as offensively as the fringe athiests-I think that the 80-90% of the population in the middle would be content to live and let live...

      ...except the two fringes are telling them to LIVE AND LET DIE.....