Friday, August 15, 2014


A recent anonymous commenter accused me of slinging mud at our President.

I have been.

They asked if all of the negativity coming from my blog is accomplishing anything.

I agreed with them that it was not.

They also accused me of worshipping at the Republican altar.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Funny thing is, I got his (or her-no sexist I) comments while composing this post about the Republican leadership in Congress suing the president.

I gotta wonder-besides the obvious positioning-what’s the frigging point of this lawsuit?

The Republican-controlled House is voted to sue Mr. Obama for exceeding his executive authority, and threats of impeachment are in the air.

I guess something has to be in the DC air when it is not cherry blossom season...

Republicans insist that the House needs to make a stand and “defend the Constitution,” citing President Obama’s own words as a senator challenging President George W. Bush for making "laws as he goes along.”

Now I ask you-where was all the Republican indignation when Bush was doing essentially the same thing?

Obama is under fire for selectively implementing the Accountable Care Act (which most Republicans were against anyway).

In particular, he is being assailed for waiving the individual penalties (through 2016) for individuals whose plans were cancelled due to not meeting the minimum requirements under the law.

Yet in 2006, President Bush took administrative action to waive “penalty fees for very low-income seniors and people with disabilities who sign up late.”

Like the Accountable Care Act, the launch of President George W. Bush’s prescription benefit plan was hampered by technical glitches, setbacks, and mass confusion.

Where was the indignation of Congress then?

Make no mistake-I was opposed to Obamacare.

There is no constitutional authority for it.

But that ship has sailed.

So since my tax dollars (and more importantly, Social Security and Medicare tax dollars) have been usurped to pay for this (along with a whole lot of money borrowed from China) can we stop with the political posturing already?

And what exactly do they expect the outcome of this lawsuit to be?

Republicans in Congress know the President will not be impeached.

This is all fodder for the mid-term elections.

But I’ve been saying for months, if the Republicans hang their mid-term hats on Obamacare, they may as well not bother running.

So stay home in November, America...even if you are dissatisfied with the current state of affairs, I do not see anyone offering up solutions.

Because all the Republicans seem to have is attacking Obama. 

And all the Democrats have is attacking the Repulican-controlled Congress.

No one is offering solutions. 

No one is attempting to compromise.

No one is even coming up with catchy slogans like Obama came up with that don't say anything ("Hope And Change". "Forward") but still look great on the peeling bumper stickers
of his legion of followers.

As Jon Stewart said last night on The Daily Show, Congress is the Sharknado 2 of legislative bodies.

Except Sharknado 2 was supposed to suck.

This is how low our political process has sunk. 

I can only hope that Americans look past the nonsense, stop buying into the notion that a lot of tenure in Congress is a good thing, and give the new blood a chance.

Sadly, even local politics are not immune to the BS. In Arizona, two candidates for the Corporation Commission have posted signs along my morning commute vowing to "fight Obama."

Explain how, guys.

What contact does the AZ Corporation Commission have with the President of the United States?

Is he planning on incorporating in Arizona?

Maybe opening up a Kenyan/Hawaiian gift store?


  1. >>... Obama is under fire for selectively implementing the Accountable Care Act (which most Republicans were against anyway).

    Not really they weren't. That's just what they said because it's what their constituents expected them to say.

    If a Republican should somehow get elected to the White House, and the Republican party controlled the Senate and the House at the same time, would they nullify "ObamaCare"?

    Not on your life!

    ObamaCare is there because a Power bigger than the Republican party and the Democrat party (even put together) wants it there.

    But, hell, you already know that.

    The only difference between the Repugnantcan party in power and Dumb-O-Crat party in power is the rate of speed in which we advance toward the fulfillment of the "New World Order". (But occasionally - like under George W. Bush - even the party in power makes no difference in the speed of our advance.)

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. I hear you Stephen-but for purposes of positioning, they objected to ObamaCare when it was pushed through, and now they are objecting to the fact that he is not implementing all of it.

      One would think they'd be happy!

  2. "This is all fodder for the mid-term elections." Well said. All it is is the endless cycle of get me/us elected.

    I'm not sure your commenter last night got the concept that you can be any party or no party and still think Obama sucks. But with Jeb and Christie 1-2 in the early returns, I don't see a lot of Hope and Change coming, either.

    1. It seems that the anonymous liberal-leaning commenters rarely come back to engage in discussion, CW.

      I really am fine with a differing view point-but I get tired of the name calling.

      I'm the only one who gets to call people names on this blog!

      Yeah, doesn't President Billary seem somewhat inevitable?

  3. By the way, LC, I did read that Lib's comments to you on the previous blog bit. I was subscribing to that comment section via Email, so I read them as you posted them.

    And why is it that anytime a person criticizes the Democrats, Obama, and other Communists/Socialists, the Libs automatically assume that MUST MEAN you are a registered Republican who watches Fox News?

    Those Libs! Boy, talk about going through life with blinders on!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. Also funny how it's ok for them to be critical...

      Indicative of the mess that is our political landscape...

  4. I read this yesterday and thought I commented. I guess not.

    I fear that I am becoming an apathetic voter. I received my absentee ballot a while ago. It is still sitting on my table. Unopened. I know who is running. It all looks like more of the Same Old Same Old. I find it difficult to muster the energy to open the thing and choose between the Rock and the Hard Place. In some ways it was a lot easier when I went through life blindly believing that politicians were on the side of the people and wanted to make changes. It was easier when I believed what they'd said they'd do. Now that I know there is very little difference between both sides (same coin, different sides) it is difficult to get worked up about it.

    I guess that the thing I tell myself when I see someone coming out of their cage all rabid and foaming at the mouth is this: They still believe in the theatre going on in Washington (and the world). They still think that there is a "good" side. They think someone, anyone in media is telling the "truth." And even though they are wrong, I envy them just a little bit. If they knew the truth... that both sides are in it together... that the folks they believe run the show are actually puppets... that the elite are grabbing all of the power, money, resources for themselves.... that these people actually running the show are creating crises for the express purpose of enslaving the masses (and not just enslaving but to make the masses CHOOSE enslavement)... well, that is a bitter pill to swallow, my friend. I know because it has left a mark all the way down my throat.

    1. I am right there with you, Robin-my absentee ballot is opened, but has been shuffled around for a couple of weeks.

      The whole state of affairs is sticking in my craw, and I am struggling with the point of bothering.

      It's not even a case of choosing enslavement's simply a case of continuing with the illusion of any choice whatsoever.

      It would take a skew of those young and idealistic souls getting voted in, enough to overturn the status quo.

      The problem is, one or two idealists get elected biannually, which gives the establishment enough time to suck them in...

  5. At least I'm not the only one. I too have a ballot sitting on my counter, laying in the "Why bother?" pile next to a bunch of coupons for shtuff I don't need to buy and flyers for restaurants I'll probably never visit. Is it not incredibly sad that a ballot to elect our future leaders is on par, to me, with a BOGO coupon for Fancy Feast and a menu for Ling Ling's Takeout Palace?

    People sucked up into the whole 2-party drama BS always amuse me. If you criticize Obama, that means you're a hardcore Republican because clearly only Republicans criticize Obama and all Democrats should put other Democrats on a pedestal regardless if they're doing a crappy job.

    Remember, kids, it's not us working together to make a better world, it's you vs them. Them being the other party. They are your enemy, they are all idiots, and they clearly just want to drive their own country into the ground while you, dear Democrat or Republican, are clearly the savior of the US.

    1. Bryan-

      Considering the amount of US debt China has purchased, I think it is highly appropriate that your ballot sits beside the menu from Ling Ling's.

      We may all be renting from Ling Ling before long!

      One would think that having people of (supposedly) different philosophies would make for a richer governing process.

      Sadly, not only are the differences in outlook a sham, but things are so adversarial, even if the two parties were authentic, the head butting and mudslinging is simply pointless.

      But if you're not gonna use that Fancy Feast coupon....I figure when I have to live on cat food because my Social Security contributions were squandered by the last six administrations, I may as well be eating the "good stuff!"