Thursday, March 7, 2013


Carly Rae Jepsen has canceled a concert appearance for the Boy Scouts of America because of her opposition to the organization's controversial policy banning openly gay members.

The 27 year-old Canadian singer announced her withdrawal from July's National Scout Jamboree on Twitter, tweeting her support of the "ongoing battle for gay rights" as "an artist who believes in equality for all people."

Really? She tweeted her withdrawal?

How unprofessional is that?

Apparently Jepsen, who has questionable musical talent at best, recognizes she would only find an audience in the Boy Scouts because teenage boys would want to masturbate to her (because I promise you, no teenage boy is listening to “Call Me Maybe” unless his girlfriend is making him).

Or unless he’s gay.

So maybe this is a ploy to find an audience who, while being male, would listen to her because they identify with her.

Never mind, that for more than a century the Boy Scouts have been an organization based on Christian values.

And while I am not passing judgment on anyone’s sexual preference, every translation of the Bible I have ever seen documents pretty clearly what the Christian view is on homosexuality. 

So a ban on homosexuals in the Boy Scouts should not be a stretch of the imagination to anyone.

Jepsen's cancellation comes on the heels of another Jamboree headliner's tentative dropping out: the band Train said yesterday that they would only play the July concert if the Boy Scouts of America makes “the right decision before then,"a reference to a meeting in May, when the policy will go up for a vote.

In protesting the Boy Scouts' policy, both Jepsen and Train acknowledged a petition on that encouraged them to remove themselves from the concert's lineup. The petition, started by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), has supporters that number in the tens of thousands.

I wonder-how could Ms. Jepsen, or Train, or or GLAAD or the tens of thousands of supporters respect the Boy Scouts America if they were to change their stance (i.e. SELL OUT) simply to attract musical entertainment to an event?

The gay lobby has no cajones. 

That means balls, in case you don't speak Spanish. 

They are, simply put, cowards who have a gang mentality-"if I can't have it, I'll screw it up for everyone else!"

Many of the finest country clubs in America were started because Jews were not admitted to WASP country clubs.

So the Jews said, "F#@K the WASPs, we'll start our own clubs and they'll be better!"

And they were. 

If there is such a demand for gay youth to join the Boy Scouts, that sounds to me like an (no pun intended) untapped market.

Why doesn't GLAAD put their energy into a marketing campaign for a new scouting organization? 

Then Carly Rae and Patrick Monahan could be scoutmasters in the happy new Gay Scouts of America venture!

But the left does not work that way. 

It's too much effort to build, when you can much more easily destroy.

As usual, this is about the gay lobby simply trying to get their way, destroying any organization that does not pander to them.
They were the kid who always theatened to take his ball and go home.

Yet, gays wonder where resentment towards their lifestyle choice comes from.

I've said this before-true Christians should be the least of GLAAD’s concerns!

True Christians do not beat gays up.

True Christians pray for them!
How cool is that? Your adversary does not wish violence upon you-he prays for you!

So the Boy Scouts instilling Christian values in young men is a plus for the gay movement-there are less angry homophobic adults gunning for them and more True Christians praying for them!

The Boy Scouts are not defaming homosexuals by not allowing open gay members. 

They are exercising their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to freedom of assembly, hand in hand with their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to freedom of religion.

I recognize that GLAAD also has the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to protest.

But I believe they should rethink where they expend their efforts.

And maybe a little respect for different points of view might be in order.

But I'm not holding my breath for that.

I’m exercising my CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to tell them to stop getting their panties in a bunch and grow the hell up!


  1. `
    All I can really say is . . . "well said".

    However, I will add that although I had (happily) not previously heard of Carly Rae Jepsen, her stupidity is written all over her physiognomy in that second picture above (the close-up shot).

    Seriously, that photo ought to be published in every single dictionary, right next to the word vacuous.

    However, NOTHING about this development should shock anyone in the least. As I illustrated in my recent blog bit(s), we are rocketing into the Biblical 'End-Times' now, and things like this are just par for that course. It was all foretold by God, and now everything is playing out exactly as "it is written".

    No surprises here. It's all in The Book.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  2. Stephen-

    You are not missing a whole lot-she's just the latest Britney, who was the latest Debbie Gibson....and so on...

    It's the jumping on a bandwagon without any analysis of what you're signing onto that pisses me off.

    I started noticing this back in the 1980's when a gay rights group wanted to put a float into the St. Patrick's Day parade in NYC...a parade celebrating a Catholic saint!

    I believe integrity is essential. I expect it from organizations like GLAAD and the scouts, and the Catholic church.

    Expecting the scouts to welcome openly gay members is like expecting GLAAD to put a skinhead on their board of directors.

    No one should be excluded, right?



  3. I agree completely. I am so tired of groups that think they should, on the basis of being "minorities", want to come into other peoples groups and destroy their uniqueness- all the time still being in their own groups, which other people wouldn't come within 500 miles of. I want to have gay members on a Christian board. I want to have women at Augusta. I'd like to start a dumbass club for them- free admission, and I promise I won't even join them!

    1. CW-

      I don't even understand why they think they'd enjoy themselves in such a scenario.

      I was a Boy Scout for a couple of years, and they picked on the new guys.

      I'm sure the gay kid won't be picked on, though...


  4. Your post is well written. I really don't have anything to add.

    I did leave you something on my Thursday post:)

  5. Thanks for stopping by Robin, and thanks for posting the vid in my name!

    We live in a very odd country....


  6. After reading your comment at 'Tossing It Out' regarding education, I thought I would stop by to see what you were up to.

    I too wish 'they' would 'grow the hell up' or they could always join the Girl Scouts an organization that has had a somewhat more affable view to various 'lifestyle' orientations.

    As far as 'recording artists' and other celebrity types voting with their feet; it might be refreshing for the Boy Scouts to be exposed to someone a bit more open to the outdoor, self-sufficient, be prepared lifestyle that they used to profess, like maybe Ted Nugent.