Monday, February 11, 2013


Ted Nugent's well-documented dislike of President Barack Obama won't keep him from attending the State of the Union Address on Tuesday.

The rocker, who likened gun owners to civil rights hero Rosa Parks last month, will be a guest of Republican congressman Steve Stockman from Texas, who last month suggested impeaching Obama over gun control.

"I am excited to have a patriot like Ted Nugent joining me in the House Chamber to hear from President Obama," said Stockman in a statement. "After the Address, I'm sure Ted will have plenty to say."

Nugent has long been a staunch conservative and a vocal opponent of Obama. Last April, his comments towards Obama and the Democratic party at an NRA convention led to an appointment with the Secret Service. 

Nugent denounced immigration reform and gun control at a biker rally last June and called Obama voters "pimps, whores and welfare brats" after last November's election. 


  1. I am sure he won't be pulling any vocal punches, since he tends to call it EXACTLY like he sees it.

  2. He's certainly not shy, is he, Robin?

    Although his characterization of Obama voters was a little uncalled for...


    I wouldn't say that Nugent's "characterization of Obama voters was a little uncalled for". I'd say it was pretty damned accurate... considering that it came from a cartoon character.

    "If a prez gets in my way, baby,
    you know I'll burn him down."

    I think Nugent should just "shut up and practice his guitar".

    I'll bet he knows ab-soh-lute-ly nuttin' about Ron Paul.
    It's guys like Ted Nugent ("Right" tho he ALWAYS be; and "right" tho he OCCASIONALLY be) who gives "conservatives" a bad name.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. Stephen-

      It felt like Nuge's comment was sinking to their level.

      I've never heard Ron Paul denigrate the opposition.


  4. DR, DISC ~
    Well, having read my blog, you know I have NO PROBLEM AT ALL with a person denigrating the opposition. Particularly when the opposition is a bunch of Marx-lovin' pansy-assed pansy asses.

    But, in my opinion, one ought to destroy the opposition in an intelligent and preferably humorous way. I mean, cleverness is the hallmark of intelligence. Nobody respects a bull in a china shop. But let that bull dance around the place touching nuttin' at all, disturbing not a thing, but then on his way outta the joint, swish his tail slightly with satisfaction, (accidentally) breaking a china cup, and suddenly everyone is laughing WITH the bull and laughing AT the china shop.

    That's a kinda spur-of-the-moment, improvisational Jazz explanation of what I mean. Denigrate the opposition, but be clever about it, be creative, quote from Monty Python, or Cheech Y Chong... ya know?

    But, Nugent... wearing a camo cowboy hat? C'mon, Nuge, do ya REALLY expect anyone to take you seriously? Or maybe "not being taken seriously" is what he's ALL ABOUT. (Ooh! The Conspiracy Cobra raises it's ugly head... again.)

    Which looks sillier, Nugent's camo cowboy hat or my tin-foil conspiracy hat? Ha!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. Agreed, Stephen-especially when you really have a high-visibility public forum-denigrate them with FACTS, not with high school insults.

      Nugent is doing the opposition's PR work for them.

  5. IMHO, here's the dealio fellas.... conservatives are starting to get wise and fighting Fire with Fire, and I don't think they are wrong. I don't think that any celeb with a conservative viewpoint should just Shut Up and go back to Singing, Acting, or Playing Guitar. Why? Because the Liberal Idiots are going to keep on Crying, and the Multitudes are going to keep on Listening. Eastwood, Sinise, Nugent, and anyone else with a Conservative opinion has the Right to Air It. It is called Freedom of Speech, and until the government takes it away, they are just as entitled to air theirs as anyone else. Though they would love for Conservatives - all of them - to SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP.

    Do I think Ted Nugent is smarter than Michelle Malkin? Heck no. Do I think he grasps what is going on better in the political arena? Not by a long shot. Do I think people are going to listen to him anyway? Probably. Do I think it is better that SOMEONE vs NO ONE stand up for The Bill of Rights among our high profile celebs? You bet. Not everyone likes Ted Nugent, but a WHOLE LOT of people do. And the ones that don't love Eastwood. And them that don't love Sinise. And them that don't love Kid Rock. And them that don't love John Rich. GO TEAM.

    Liberals love to tell people to "Sit down and shut up."

    Not me. I am always in favor of the 1st Amendment. No exceptions. Let Freedom Ring. Amen.

    1. Robin-

      I, too am in favor of the first amendment, but think we would do better to move away from mudslinging and actually discuss things.

      Quite frankly, the Conservatives need to attract people who do not seem like stuffy old white rich people. Or crazy survivalist rock-star types.

      Kid Rock doesn't count-didn't he just do something with Obama at the Kennedy Center?

      How do you attract a different type of conservative?

      Good question.

      I think new political parties are the answer, except for the fact that Americans will not support them.

      The Republicans are just another fold of the same cloth in the puppet show that are our politics.

      We need the Tea Party to be a third party.

    2. I read an article in Townhall today that essentially said that one of the largest problems the Republican party has faced is Karl Rove. He is the man (fundraiser) behind the Superpac. He tends to lean toward Establishment Republicans and sought to edge out all of the Tea Party candidates. He was largely unsuccessful. However, this journalist was indicating that he is back at it and is determined to try and "run" the Republican party by having the "final say" on who the nominee will be in each race. Of course, he wants (again) an Establishment person in each seat. That journalist was saying that allowing Karl Rove to get away with this will be the death of the Republican Party.

      As you said, most conservatives are very pro Tea Party. The Tea Party is all about lower taxes, less government, etc. As an aside, these Establishment Republicans are often actually Democrats who pretend to be conservative. If you beat them on a Republican ticket, eventually they will run on the Democratic one.

      So, with all of that said, maybe you are right... Maybe The Tea Party should officially be made a party.

    3. Robin-

      As Stephen notes, the problem with the Tea Party is it is not a party but barely a loose affiliation.

      The other problem is, even Americans who are not looking for handouts have stopped believing in themselves.

      They believe that only the government can cure education, or poverty, or .

      This used to be a "pick yourself up by your bootstraps" nation.

      Now it's a nation with couches the shape of their ass and fingers stuck to a remote control or a joystick.

      I don't know how you undo the damage....but I'll bet everyone ate up the nonsense "O" spouted in his "State Of COnfusion" address.


  6. >> . . . I think new political parties are the answer, except for the fact that Americans will not support them.


    Well, I was just sort of riffing above. In truth, I think both of yousE (DiscConneced and Robin) are right... and wrong.

    Yeah, any non-Leftist celebrity voice is better than none. And, yes, what's really needed is a strong third political party to break the... [wait for it...] ...STRANGLEHOLD that the Republican and Democrat parties have on our political life.

    However, forget 'The Tea Party' (although it has a GREAT patriotic name). There is no organization there - it's just a collection of dissatisfied Americans with myriad viewpoints. About the ONLY things you can accurately say in describing 'The Tea Party' are: They're Americans; they're dissatisfied with the status quo; and they believe government should spend less and govern less.

    That's nowhere near cohesive enough of a platform from which to create a viable third party. The best third party already exists anyway: THE CONSTITUTION PARTY.

    I was merely joking when I said Nugent should just "shut up and practice his guitar". That was a twist on Frank Zappa's "Shut up and play your guitar". Honestly, Ted's political views are WAY BETTER than his guitar playing ever was. (He was pretty bad - and I don't mean "bad" in a good way.)

    Ted and every other celebrity has just as much right to exercise their First Amendment right as I have to exercise mine. But, the problem with Ted is that he's smart enough to hate the Left's Marxist ideas, but his opinions will do nuttin' more than help persuade the Americonned People to elect the next Republican. With friends like that...

    Michelle Malkin, however, she's a whole different story. Michelle Malkin KNOWS what's going on, and she has thrown in with the demonically-possessed people who are creating the 'New World Order'. Yeah, she knows MORE than Nugent does, and that's why I dislike her even MORE than I do Ted.

    Malkin has become one of the influential players in the great Trojan Horse deception against the Americonned People and our Constitution.

    I would LOVE to have the opportunity to publicly debate Michelle Malkin and her ilk (e.g., Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly, Glenn or Glenda Beck, etc.), but they would never allow that to happen because A) my name means nothing, and B) I would destroy them in a debate and upset their nice little "Us Vs. Them" 'New World Order' apple cart.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  7. Stephen-

    I was a bit hasty with my post, because I did not mean to convey that the Tea Party was viable as is...agree with you that right now it's just a bunch of disillusioned conservatives with no plan.

    I forget now whether it was the Consitution candidate or Libertarian that was pro-choice-must have been Libertarian or I think you might be a little less forthcoming with praise for the Consitution party.

    But how do you get the C-Party out there?

    Rhetorical question....I think the answer is, batten down the hatches for the coming storm.

  8. BROTHER L.C. ~
    Yes, it was the Libertarian candidate, because NO 'Constitution Party' candidate would (or could) proclaim himself as "pro-choice".

    I have never yet found a single plank in The Constitution Party's platform that I disagree with. Remove Ron Paul from the scene, and I will vote 'Constitution Party' - every - single - time - !

    >> . . . But how do you get the C-Party out there?
    Rhetorical question....I think the answer is, batten down the hatches for the coming storm.

    Right on, Brother!
    I NEVER advocate giving up, but... facts are facts, and The Bible is NOTHING BUT facts. "It is written".

    Bro, the very next blog bit on my 'Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends' blog will be a two-parter about the importance of a person building a relationship with God and Christ. That's what it's REALLY all about. Because our efforts to reform the American government and return us to a Constitutional framework are utterly useless. "IT is written". Period.

    My advice: Spend less time trying to reform the political realm, and spend more time getting spiritually right with God.

    God alone can save us, individually.
    The political realm is ENTIRELY ruled by "The Prince Of This World", who is satan, and... "it is written".

    It's all in "The Good Book", LC. Our past, present, and future is recorded in "The Good Book".

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'