Sunday, October 21, 2012


Remember in the old days, when a police cruiser would find a nice spot just around a bend on a road where everybody speeds, set up his radar gun, and then try to nail you?

That was back in the day when drivers coming the other day would flash their lights to warn you of the speed trap, and it gave both sides a sporting chance.

Then radar detectors invented, and although in many states it was legal to buy them, it was illegal to use them, but they still gave the drivers a bit of an edge, so the police came up with new kinds of radar that the detectors could not detect.

Nowadays we have photo enforcement systems that utilize digital cameras, computers and radar sensors to detect violations of speed limit and red light laws.

I would think that if the goal of this new technology was to have traffic abide by the speed limit, but for some reason, at least in Arizona, they put out signs warning you of the speed trap.

I'm not kidding-they do the same thing for red light cameras!

Is this somehow a throwback to the old west tradition of calling your opponent out? In Philly, they would just hit you over the head with a bat. And that was Mayor Frank Rizzo's method-other people were a little less civilized!

If you see the sign, and still get a ticket, what does that say about you?

I've got to wonder-is this a fight against traffice violations, or a fight against illteracy?


  1. Well, don't forget to ALWAYS vote for the propositions that raise our taxes to maintain the police forces at maximum personnel. Without the cops, we'd be much less safe than we are today, and the state, county, and city coffers would be poorer.

    And whoever approved the installing of warning signs like those pictured on your blog bit should be fired. That was a lousy business decision! Less warning means more citations, and more citations means a wealthier municipality.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  2. I'd much rather they just eliminate the bullshit traffic safety measures and just send me a bill (since it's all about revenue).

    The sign I pass by every day is in Paradise Valley on my way to and from work...why have the cop out there if they're going to put up the sign?