Saturday, June 11, 2011


The other night, Stephen T. McCarthy and I were talking about my last post, where I pointed out that the same Democruds who voted AGAINST raising the debt ceiling under Bush were now voting FOR it under Barry O.

And lest we forget, I also revealed that the same Repugnicans who thought not raising the debt ceiling would be akin to the One Ring falling into the grasp of Mordor, now all of a sudden have had an attack on conscience and can’t bear to spend more money than they are able to steal…er, tax-from the Americonned Sheeple.

Sadly, this fell right in line with comments Stephen made on his blog back in November 2010-the more things change, the more they stay the same.

During our discussion, Stephen likened our political scenario to the making of a movie about the Civil War-the actors fight on screen, but off-screen take lunch together, go to happy hours, sleep together…

Not a bad analogy.

But just then, an image popped into my head.

Remember Sam Sheepdog and Ralph Wolf?

From the old Warner cartoons?

Wolf and Sheepdog, also known as Ralph E. Wolf and Sam Sheepdog, are characters in a series of animated cartoons in the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies line of cartoons. They were created by Chuck Jones.

Ralph is virtually identical to another Chuck Jones character, Wile E. Coyote. He also shares the Coyote's appetite, and persistent use of Acme Corporation products, but he covets sheep instead of road runners.

Sam is a large, burly sheepdog with white fur and a mop of red hair that usually covers his eyes. He very rarely runs and tends to be sedentary in his movements. He does, however, possess effective strength to incapacitate Ralph with a single punch once he catches him.

They’d clock in, and the wolf would get abused in ways that Wile E. Coyote never imagined. Then the lunch whistle would blow, they’d break bread together, and after lunch they’d be back at it until quitting time.

This is our political system.

Ralph and Sam have become a sort of American cultural shorthand for "the usual suspects" or "the loyal opposition," describing two adversaries who have opposed each other for so long and become so familiar with each other that they've come full circle and are now nearly friendly.

Check out the lunch scene at 3:52 and quitting time at 5:50.
Heck watch the whole thing and relive some of your misspent youth!

Like the Republicans and Democrats.

They clock in, and go through the motions of being adversaries, but if you watch their behavior and the outcomes, nothing changes from administration to administration.

Bush spent a fortune and ran up the national debt, mortgaging your children’s future under the umbrella of being the “small government” president.

Obama will spend a fortune and run up the national debt, FURTHER mortgaging your children’s future under the umbrella of jump-starting the economy.

The only constant is the running up of the national debt and the mortgaging of your children’s future.

Wanna bet it continues with the next administration?

People wake up!

Both parties are a farce!

One politician is telling you the truth, although his proposed solutions are too rooted in reality for most Americans.

One politician is calling for sound monetary policy, sound foreign policy, and a return to the framework of the Constitution.

Check out what Ron Paul is saying.

Even if you won’t consider giving him your vote, at least listen to what he’s saying.

And consider it.

And then look at what politicians have been doing since the seventies.

And see if what Doctor Paul is saying has the ring of truth to it.

They're YOUR children. They deserve a sound financial future. And you can still give it to them


  1. Part 1 Of 2:

    If you ever put together a collection titled “The Best Of BACK IN THE USSR”, I think you oughta place this blog bit first.

    I hate to confess this but, it was such a good idea that, I admit I was thinking to myself: I hope he doesn’t blow it. I hope the writing is worthy of the concept.

    Not that I really doubted you would come through, but I didn’t know you would come through with flying colors that wave so vibrantly.

    You used Sam Sheepdog and Ralph Wolf like a pro. I’m glad you decided to run with this idea, because if you hadn’t, I would have picked up the torch and probably posted something inferior to this.

    I would say that the Sam and Ralph analogy breaks down only in one area, IF we were to take it a step further and affix political party labels to each character. We might say that Sam represents the Republican party, which claims to be protecting the flock of American Sheeple from the brainwashing, Marxism-inducing, Western Civilization-destroying Democrats, represented by the ravenous Ralph Wolf.

    If, however, we were to “keep it real”, make it “realistic”, then in adhering to THAT scenario, Ralph Wolf would need to be triumphant most of the time, while Sam Sheepdog would thwart Ralph’s machinations only occasionally, and thwart only the least damaging of Ralph’s machinations – just enough to keep up the façade that Sam really is concerned and giving it the old college try.

    Because, as we know, the whole thing is a “show” for the American Sheeple and not a genuine life or death battle at all. It’s a Punch And Judy marionette show, with both political parties having their strings pulled behind the scenes by the Council on Foreign Relations. The fighting is made to look real to convince the American Sheeple that there’s a political war a-goin’ on. But the secret battle plans, drawn up while the two parties are enjoying lunch together, call for the Liberals (the Ralph Wolfs) to gradually gain more and more while the conservatives (the Sam Sheepdogs) gradually give ground, all the while swinging wildly as if they really aim to save the Sheeple. Or, put more succinctly: It’s the Hegelian Dialectic.

    Anyone who might think I’ve got it wrong needs look no further than Barack Obama’s birth certificate. The guy has trotted out a phony long-form birth certificate that is as fake as a four and a half dollar bill. One could show the discrepancies in it to a twelve-year-old child and get him to understand the problems with it.

    And what does the Republican party do when faced with such a patently bogus birth certificate? Absolutely NOTHING! And why not? Because it is not in the plan to oust the Marxist phuck.

    Now, I can understand why maybe the Republicans would be reluctant to make an issue of the birth certificate AFTER Obama was elected and BEFORE he produced a long-form birth certificate. But now that he has voluntarily “out with it”, he is fair f#ckin’ game! And yet the Republican party does… NOTHING! Why? Simple, simple, easy, cheesy: the CFR plan calls for the socialists to win. So the Republican party (some members actually being CFR members themselves) sit on their hands and let the Marxist in Chief get away with presenting to the American Sheeple a patently forged document, proudly displayed on the White House website.

    Continued Below...

  2. Part 2 Of 2:

    Now... to prove my point that the CFR plan is for the socialists (the Ralph Wolfs) to win, just pause for a second – seriously… pause… and think... about... this... : Can you imagine what would happen if the shoe was on the other foot? Pause… and imagine for a moment... that Ronald Reagan was in office and there was some question about his place of birth. And imagine that Reagan produced a birth certificate just like the one Obama is displaying on the White House website.

    Those Democrat freaks and their mainstream media handmaidens would be screaming bloody murder! There would be no end to it; stories on every newspaper front page and on every political TV program every single day that ends in “y”; callers swarming the talk radio programs; magazine articles; special edition news analysis. There would be a Democrat Katrina of Kommotion!

    Think about it! The Democrats would be stark raving mad and howling at the moon like ravenous Ralph Wolfs. Let me tell you, if the shoe were on the other foot, and a Republican tried to get away with presenting a birth certificate exactly like Obama’s, his political career would be FRIGGIN’ OVER! He’d be bounced out of office faster than the Democrat party could shout, “You lie!”

    But since it’s a Democrat lying and trying to pawn off a phony birth certificate on the American Sheeple, and since the system is designed for the advancement of the socialists, and since the Republican party is a party to the secret plan and is in place merely to appear to be a loyal opponent of the Democrat party, you hear not a “peep of protest” from the Republican party – only some shouting from a couple of non-mainstream conservative media outlets.

    Listen closely, what do you hear from the Republican party? Shhhh... Listen...

    Hear that?...

    It’s the sound of silence.

    What more evidence does any intelligent person need in order to conclude that the ongoing political warfare between the Republicans and the Democrats is nothing more than a ‘Sam and Ralph cartoon’?

    (Great blog bit, Brother!)

    ~ Stephen

  3. I'd forgotten those Wolf and Sheepdog cartoons. Nice analogy as noted in the epic comment by McCarthy. You guys are on a noble quest but I don't think any of your hopes will come to fruition in this world. I know that Stephen likes the Carpenters so I put forth this YouTube offering:

    Don't give up.

    Tossing It Out

  4. Lee-

    I don't know that I hold out much hope, but I enjoy the discussion.

    Sadly, I don't have that many readers, so there's not much discussion.

    Support Ron Paul-Restore America Now!

  5. STEPHEN: "If you ever put together a collection titled 'The Best Of BACK IN THE USSR', I think you oughta place this blog bit first. ... Great blog bit, Brother!"

    DISCCONNECTED: "Thanks, Stephen, for the grand compliments."

    STEPHEN: "Oh, heck, don't mention 'em. Oh, wait! - that's right - you didn't.

    Nuttin'? Really?

    A 2-part comment the size of... [no, no Weiner joke here] ...'War And Peace', and it doesn't even warrant a "How-Do-Ya-Do?" or a "Go-To-Hell!"?

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  6. Sorry Stephen-

    To absorb and reply to a comment that was longer than the original post was something I haven't had a chance to get back to this week-it turns out they actually expect me to work sometimes.

    But you just let me off the hook ("Oh heck, don't mention it")

    Besides, I think this was all a secret ploy to put a birth certificate post on my blog 'cause you'd covered that topic so much on yours...

    Sadly, not enough Americans, Democrat OR Republican, will look at votes on the debit ceiling by anyone in office for both votes and ask themselves how the politician's vote could have changed in four years? if they were voting for the RIGHT THING instead of kissing the party's behind.

    Well, here’s something we might be able to discuss extensively...

    Would you have rather been in Lake Veronica...

    ...or in Veronica Lake?:

    Wait! I promised no Weiner jokes, didn’t I?

    >> . . . it turns out they actually expect me to work sometimes.

    Aww, don'tcha hate it when that happens?

    >> . . . But you just let me off the hook ("Oh heck, don't mention it")

    Don't mention it. Glad to be able to help you out of a jam.

    >> . . . Besides, I think this was all a secret ploy to put a birth certificate post on my blog 'cause you'd covered that topic so much on yours...

    I don't believe in secret machinations, you know that! The CFR, the Fed, the Illuminati, The Bohemian Grove freaks, the Military-Industrial Complex, The State Department, NASA, etc., etc. Nah, we've got enough secret ploys already without me adding to them.

    I genuinely thought that what I submitted here was an ideal illustration of your blog bit's premise - that both major political parties operate in collusion, and I don't believe I could have come up with a better example... unless I had wanted to start riffing on the 9/11 investigation. But just try to imagine how lengthy my comment would have been THEN! (Be grateful I stuck with the more current Birth Certificate collusion instead.)

    Incidentally, I dig the “Ron Paul For President” promotion you’re currently displayin’ on yer blog. I’m a-thinkin’ I’ll copy it and call it my own idea.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

  8. Teasing on the "birther joke"-it is a good example, but there are so many who doubt that the certificate is forged and will not look at the evidence you display with an open mind. These are the Obamanites, who will follow their Moses to the Bankrupt Land.

    That's why I love the debt ceiling example-there is nothing to be proven.

    There's no arguing that the same men voted "Nay" an issue when a Repub sat in the chair and voted "Yea" on the same issue when it was a Dem in the chair.

    So the only possible example is that upwards of forty men, including Savior Obama, all had the same revelation in four years-that all of a sudden, more debt is the answer? Ditto for the 40 plus Republicans.

    Ali Baba only had to worry about forty theives. America has somewhere between eighty and ninety-nine of them to contend with (Rand Paul, I believe in).