Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Citing errors in calculation that led Wellpoint to request a 39 percent rate increase earlier this year in California, the Obama administration issued rules that will require any insurer seeking to raise rates on an individual or small-business plan by more than 10 percent next year to file financial information justifying the raise to federal and state officials.

This is the same old ObamaCare story-a grab at power and the back pockets of the American people disguised as saving us from the big bad insurance companies.

Don't fall for it. The Kenya Bunch are crooks and liars.

All comments in italics are mine.

The Obama administration announced proposed rules Tuesday aimed at curbing large, unwarranted rate hikes by health insurers by subjecting them to mandatory public scrutiny.

Define unwarranted. So now, the man from KENYA and his cronies are underwriters and actuaries and can determine the proper price for an insurance policy?
Under the proposed regulation, which spells out the details of a key provision in the new federal health-care law, next year any insurer seeking a rate increase of 10 percent or more for an individual or small group plan would be required to file financial information justifying the raise with federal and state officials. (Beginning in 2012, the percentage rate increase that triggers the review will be adjusted for each state to reflect its particular market trends.)

All of insurance is priced according to the risk. Automobile policyholders who have accidents pay higher rates than policyholders who do not. Unfortunately, the same holds true with health insurance. If you are a high utilizer, you will pay a higher premium than if you are not. This is another example of Emporer Obama trying to cram a Marixst system down the unsuspecting throats of Americans, who are sadly too uneducated to know the difference.
State authorities would then analyze the data submitted by the insurer to determine if the increase is "unreasonable." If federal officials determine that a state lacks the resources or power to conduct such a review, the federal Department of Health and Human Services would step in to conduct it.

Why is the Federal government involved at all? Insurance is regulated by the states, and I must have missed the paragraph in the U.S. Consitution that gave the Department of Health and Human Services this jurisdiction. Come to think of it, I missed the paragraph that gave Congress the power to create a Department of Health and Human Services.
Either way, if a rate increase were found to be unjustified, that finding would be posted on both HHS's and the carrier's Web site along with the company's financial disclosures - including, for example, how much it is compensating top executives.

Again, the Federal government lacks the expertise, and more importantly, the AUTHORITY for such a power grab. But I can already see mainstream Americonneds bending over and grabbing their ankles.

What happened to the customer exercising their right to say "NO?" If they can get a better rate, they'll go elsewhere. If they can't, doesn't that kind of support the fact that the rate increase is warranted?

The proposed regulation, which was published in the federal register Tuesday, will be open for public comment and will likely take effect in six months, according to HHS officials.

And the United States of America slides ever closer to being the United States' Socialist Republic!

I believe ObamaCare is not only a grab at more power at the Federal level, which makes the Kenya gang traitors to the oaths they swore, but totally unnecessary. Great strides could be made in improving healthcare coverage with a few tweaks:

(1) Eliminate the ability for insurance companies to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions-this would have an impact on premiums.

(2) Create an "assigned risk" pool for undesirable risks. This takes high risk applicants and assigns them to carriers in the state, and could be used to address the pre-existing issue as well. Premiums would still be on the high side, but the state could subsidize if it desired, and if it could afford to fund it-see item 3)

(3) If the uninsured are a concern, states could raise their thresholds for Medicaid eligibility. This would have to be funded.

(4) Eliminate lifetime policy maximums, or at least bring them in line with the inflation of the last three decades (again, there would be an impact on premiums)

I do not like the ObamaCare rules that cover children to age 26.
Our society already has a problem creating adults, and this just makes it worse.
Heck, they're allowed to consent to sex at sixteen. If they're old enough to screw at sixteen, be in the military at age eighteen, they should be allowed to vote, drink, drive and fend for themselves, including buying their own health insurance.  
But Kenya-Man and his thugs want Americans dumbed down. Easier to control that way.




    -->...Our society already has a problem creating adults,...

    Oh man, but ain't THAT the truth!

    -->...Heck, they're allowed to consent to sex at sixteen. If they're old enough to screw at sixteen, be in the military at age eighteen, they should be allowed to vote, drink, drive and fend for themselves, including buying their own health insurance.

    Well, Bro, I can't disagree with ya. But... "consent to sex at sixteen"? Uh... it's eighteen, isn't it? As far as I know, it has always been eighteen during MY lifetime.

    I mean, except for in the hills of West Virginia and the woods just East of Bumphuhk, Iowa, where the age of consent is fourteen, unless it involves a raccoon, in which case it's only twelve.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  2. Google statutory rape or age on consent for sex, my friend.

    I can't speak for California, but PA and NJ were sixteen (at least they were when I was trying to score with sixteen year olds, which was last week-er I mean 33 years ago).

    I'd have figured LA for an age around twelve just to protect Hollywood.

    Remember, it was not that long ago that we actually expected our teenagers to act like adults, nor was it so long ago that marriages were being arranged when the girl was of child-bearing age. I think you'll find that the ages were lower in our parents' day.

    Now that children are protected by Mr. Kenya Head and can play video games until age 26 with free health care, maybe they ought to revisit chastity belts and raise that age of consent...