Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Maricopa County: Political shirts unwelcome at polls

(still awaiting verdict on whether voters are welcome)

from The Arizona Republic, America's best bird cage liner

"Tea party" shirts will not be welcome inside Maricopa County polling places on Tuesday, nor will any clothing promoting Democrats, Republicans or any other political group or campaign issue.

A federal court ruling that permits one particular Flagstaff tea party T-shirt to be worn in Coconino County polling places does not apply to Maricopa County or to any other article of clothing, Maricopa County Elections Director Karen Osborne said.

"We're not singling out the tea party," she said. "This applies to anybody wearing anything that is campaigning."

A voter who shows up on Tuesday wearing campaign material such as T-shirts, buttons, hats or stickers will be asked to remove it, cover it or turn it inside-out.

Osborne said if the voter refuses, he or she will still be permitted to vote. A polling place worker will fill out an "event report" that includes the voter's name and voter ID number. Osborne can then use that information to follow up on the incident at a later date, including finding others who were there voting at the same time. "That will give me an additional person to go back to if there is a complaint the following day so that we can have not just what the polling place told me but what other voters who were there at the time saw," she said.

The Goldwater Institute, which is involved in the Coconino County lawsuit, has sent Osborne a letter calling the county's decision not to allow tea party shirts that don't expressly advocate for or against someone or something on the ballot unreasonable and discriminatory. The tea party is not an official political party in Arizona.

And once again, the embezzles in charge miss the point!

Voter turnout is so low, especially in the intellectual void that is Airheadzona, that maybe they ought to forget about policing tee shirts.

I would even support someone's right to wear a King Kenyan tee shirt!

How many Arizonans do you really think can read anyway?

What a maroon!

I know...let's require formal wear at the polls! Or maybe Catholic school uniforms...

Looney Tunes quotes are intentional...sadly, this story really is true...

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  1. Can I wear my John Lennon "IMAGINE" T-Shirt? I mean, heck, it's not like it blatantly says, "Vote Marxist: Elect Democrats!" It's just about music, ya know, man?

    Hey, what with the proposition about allowing marijuana for medicinal purposes on the Maricopa County ballots, do you suppose Karen Osborne has outlawed Bob Marley T-Shirts? "Catch a fire, dude!"

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'