Thursday, September 16, 2010


After reading Stephen T. McCarthy’s 9/14/10 post on THE COWARDLY COWBOY, I was a little curious about this blogger. Was he as hostile as Stephen implied, or did Stephen misread him? Sometimes Stephen can be passionate about a subject.

It turns out, I got the same treatment from Lefty Len. Apparently, anyone who offers an opinion other than what the Texas Tomato has put forth as gospel is a four letter expletive and not very intelligent.

It is nice to know that an intellect as advanced as Little Lenny's, with all of his alleged media and policital experience, is here on the free blog site as opposed to earning a living off of all that experience. One might almost believe that all of that alleged background is just excrement from a Texas steer...except I don't see no horns on Lenny's picture!

I won't retype all of Stephen's post-his site deserves to be ready after all, but on July 18, 2010, a loony leftist named Len posted on his blog, The Existentialist Cowboy, a bit that basically says Republicans are conspiring against the American people and that all Democrats are trustworthy.

When Stephen posted comments, the NonExistent Cowboy responded with profanity and very little actual intelligence (there was not much to spare). When Stephen responded, the Texas Turd who professes to be smart, deleted Stephen's comments but left his own responses to them.  It was not until a fellow blogger left a comment asking about the imaginary friend he was arguing with TWO MONTHS LATER that the Gelded One had the brains to delete his responses.

But I still wanted to see if maybe if you approached this guy in the spirit of a forthright and civil debate, would he refrain from the gutter and actually engage. So I read his blog bit.

Naturally, I questioned the absolutes. I am pretty sure that at least Ron Paul is not conspiring against the American people-he's the biggest voice for freedom of the last thirty years. And I'm willing to bet I could find at least one Democrat with ulterior motives. So I left the Mouth From The Lone Star State this comment:


I guess where I'd differ in opinion is that the Dems are any less corrupt than the Repubs. Or, for that matter, any more effective at governing.

They both overspend (over the last decade to the point of a full scale economic collapse, which I am still hoping for-go out in a blaze of glory!). They both are slaves to special interest groups.

They both are full of shit, they just take opposing view points to keep Americans fooled into thinking there is a choice.

Which is perhaps the biggest conspiracy of all.


So Len replied with the following-while not very informative, it was certainly a lot less hostile than Stephen had experienced.

DiscConnected said...

I guess where I'd differ in opinion is that the Dems are any less corrupt than the Repubs. Or, for that matter, any more effective at governing.

Well, I have my own set of problems with the Democratic party but to equate them with Republicans is most certainly NOT it. There are differences between GOP and DEM --culturally and economically.

The BIGGEST problem FOR Dems is that the U.S right wing --under Reagan -at last succeeded in (metaphorically speaking)'KILLING OFF' the Democratic base. It did it by EXPORTING AMERICAN jobs to China et al. There used to be a VIABLE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY, for example, but have you been to Detroit lately. There used to be a viable STEEL INDUSTRY but that 'front' was long ago conceded to JAPAN. The U.S. used to manufacture great radios, hi-fi equipment et al. Again --that has been conceded to JAPAN.

One could go on and on and on. The RESULTS can be found at the CIA's own World Fact Book where you will find the U.S. at the bottom of the list with the world's largest NEGATIVE CURRENT ACCT BALANCE; China, with whom GOP Prezzes Nixon, Reagan, Bush cut sweetheart deals is on top.

They both are slaves to special interest groups.

I agree but suspect we differ on strategy. That was all by design. As I have pointed out, the DEMS are a party without a traditional 'labor' base. Thus--Clinton's 'triangulation' of the center for which he was roundly criticized.

Face it---the U.S. is a one-legged man where everyone fancies himself an aristocrat but, in fact, EVERYONE but the top one percent are getting poorer. It's a SLOW BOIL but coming to a head very quickly now.

My problem with DEMS is most strategic. I despised TRIANGULATION but, in fact, that's where the ONLY votes for Clinton were going to come from.

Philosophy may be indulged by idealists. But POLITICS is strictly the preserve of the realistic. The 'realistic' assessment is that, through no fault of their own, the DEMOCRATIC PARTY is no longer there party of the working man because there is no longer a 'working man' The Democratic party is no longer the party of 'peace' because the nation is in the midst of an Orwellian PERPETUAL WAR and has been so since the end of WWII. The Democratic party still mouths, sincerely I believe, the old Democratic ideals. PROBLEM the nouveau riche in suburbia will always vote GOP because they fancy themselves aristocrats.

I followed up with this


Would you really blame all of our economic problems on Reagan? I'd argue that the auto industry conceded Detroit starting under Carter, although I'd agree that the offshoring went nuts under Reagan. It has continued through every administration since.

One of the moments in the last campaign that made me want to vomit was when Hilary said in Ohio "I'm going to get NAFTA off your backs." The Clintons were the reason it was on our backs!

Obama's current spending sprees are making Bush and Reagan seem like they actually were conservative.

Keep in mind-I loathe both parties equally. I'm all for nuking DC and starting over.

But as it is, the only sane voice I've heard in politics in a decade was a Republican, Ron Paul, who preached silly things like personal responsibility, restraint, fiscal responsibility, living on a budget (people and governments) and (this one is important) reigning in the Federal Reserve!

The Federal Reserve is as Federal as Federal Express, but controls the money supply. This is something the founding fathers never wanted to happen. The Fed is controlled by bankers, and guess who profits from it.

If you want to look for conspiracy, look no further. I'd recommend you either read Ron Paul's book "End The Fed" or "The Creature From Jekyll Island."

The biggest hoax ever played on the American people is the one that got us to buy into the illusion of two political parties.

I think we both agree that where we are is in a bad place. The dollar is being artificially propped up, China is all set to be the world power they were portrayed as in "Firefly" and the middle class is evaporating (but does not seem to notice as long as they get to vote for American Idol and can afford their iPad).

If I read you correctly, you seem to believe there is (or at least was) some benign intent in the Democratic party, and I've not only never trusted either one, I think both parties have led us right to where they both wanted wanted us.

Now all we need to do is bend over and kiss our 401k's goodbye as the dollar slowly becomes worth less than a Kleenex

To which Lenny replied….

DiscConnected said...

Would you really blame all of our economic problems on Reagan?

Do not attribute positions to me that I have not taken or stated. Position is precisely as stated and referenced.

Carter is, IN FACT, among the top TWO prezzes re: job creation and GDP since World War II. That means that the economy was more productive and more people shared the results.

Now all we need to do is bend over and kiss our 401k's goodbye as the dollar slowly becomes worth less than a Kleenex.

Now ---if you believe that Carter's HEALTHY ECONOMY has more to do with that outcome than did the GOP RAPE OF THE ECONOMY, the GOVT GIVE-AWAY to the upper one percent, the EXPORT of ENTIRE U.S. INDUSTRIES abroad, primarily CHINA (see the CIA World Fact Book which proves OUR ASSES are OWNED by China) then, please, continue REPEATING the mantras, the lies, the bullshit that you heard on CNN and FOX.

Frankly, I am fed up with stating the GODDAMNED facts for seed pods hopelessly brainwashed by slogans and mantras heard on CNN and/or FOX.

Get a fucking clue. It was NOT Carter that cut the deals that sold us out to China. That was the work NIXON/BUSH, a topic about which I spoke with Bush Sr personally. Typically, predictably, he said nothing intelligible, a bit like your post.

Now we're getting to the behavior Stephen experienced. When faced with a reasonable follow-up comment, the Texas Armadillo resorted immediately to the weapons of children, name calling and profanity. Apparently, I am a seed pod who has been hopelessly brainwashed. This from a man who calls Carter one of the best two presidents of the last half century. Apparently, that 21% mortgage rate I was quoted in 1979 was a byproduct of the healthy Carter economy.

I thought about pointing out some of the lowlights of the Carter years, but when Stephen T. is right, Stephen T. is right.

You simply cannot have a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

My closing thought to our little Texas Belle was this:


For someone who claims to enjoy debate, you stoop to profanity and personal attacks pretty quickly.

It seems like anyone whose comment doesn't read "great post" doesn't have a (expletive deleted) clue. That makes for a pretty dull debate.

Especially when all you seem to do is delete the comments from the people who call you on it.

Not surprisingly, our Texan sissy responded by deleting all of my comments. This time, he at least showed the intelligence to also delete his responses. So much for inviting debate.

Now I must admit, I could have left this part out. But if you're gonna tell it, I believe you tell all of it. I left a few comments on various Len posts explaining how the guy deletes any dissenting posts. I may have even referred to him as a Cowgirl. Was that immature of me?

And THIS is how our pal Lenny responded. All of my comments were of course deleted-no surprise there. AND he turned on comment moderation, and added this policy to his profile.

Note: The Existentialist Cowboy is currently bombarded by spam from a lunatic name caller of the right wing ilk! Therefore, comments are moderated. Intelligent comments are, as always, welcome! Ad homienem attacks, spam and psychotic drivel is not! Eventually, the offending party will be committed to an asylum and we adults can once again engage in intelligent, articulate diaologue. Thanks for understanding.

Now, I did call Len a CowGirl, but I am not sure that that qualifies me as a lunatic. And I always wanted to be some kind of ilk! Isn't that a big deer?
Stephen, you're right. I obviously have just left behind all that advice about not diving into the gutter. But a whole post where I took the high road just was not funny enough! And if I am going to be accused of name calling, I figured why not!

Anyone can be a tough guy with a keyboard, but Texans are supposed to be tough, right Len? Name the place and time, Lenny boy, and I'll meet you by the double-wide and you can say this stuff to my face and show me what a tough guy you are. Or are you really one of the dancers below?

Only two things come out of Texas and Lenny, I don't see no horns on you!
The Republican conspiracy could not have taken anything from you-you never had the guts to go after it in the first place.


  1. And so the Excremental Cowboy's debate lives on not on his own blog, but on the blogs of others. Let's face it--you and Stephen are trouble makers! Okay so I colluded a bit too. Just couldn't help myself. Looked like everyone was having too much fun.

    This post was a rootin' tootin' barrel of good ol' time fun. I guess ol' Lennie is not any cowboy at all, but just a horse's ass.

    Tossing It Out

  2. Lee-

    "Excremental Cowboy" is a good one!

    Sadly, I really did post my comments on his blog in the interest of sparking a discussion, and he immediately starts with the name calling and profanity.

    But I'm the "lunatic name caller."

    Now I will admit that this post is childish and certainly does nothing to mend a fence or reach out to our Liberal Brother in a gesture of goodwill.

    But it was fun to write. Glad it came off as funny to read.

    I thought your comment (on Len's blog) pointing out he was having an argument with no one was classic!

  3. Ha! That’s classic stuffs, DISCDUDE!

    You had me laughing out loud right from the beginning with that black and white line drawing of a cowgirl. Then the laughs kept on a-comin':

    >> the Gelded One
    >>our little Texas Belle

    >>I may have even referred to him as a Cowgirl. Was that immature of me?

    No, certainly that was not immature of you. Although, in truth, he may actually be one boob short of a cowgirl.

    This got a laugh out of me, too:

    >>Or are you really one of the dancers below?

    Ahh, good stuffs, Brother, good stuffs. There’s a blog bit to be found in almost everything.

    But I still think the funniest thing of all is how right after giving me all that very good advice about civility, priorities, and taking the moral high ground, you found yourself giving Loony Len the Cowardly Cowboygirl all this grief. Ha!-Ha! Dude, I’m STILL laughing out loud about that! (Seriously... I was laughing as I typed this.)

    In the end, I think you accepted more advice from me than I accepted from you. Surely you recognize that I nailed it when I told you:

    “Life is too long to take sh#t from people!”

    (But I’m sorry about calling you Shirley.)
    In return, I have linked my blog bit to yours. Hopefully this is just the beginning of a massive anti-Len web.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

    Postscript: Have you heard that song ‘THE GAY CABALLERO’?
    Oh, I am a gay caballero
    Going to Rio Janiero
    With nice oily hair,
    And full of hot air,
    I'm an expert at shooting the bull-eo

    Not that this has anything to do with Loony Len. I’m just sayin’...

  4. Okay, Dogg, I confess-sometimes I like to stoop to their level as well!

    Sadly, if Len would open his mind a little, he really is right on a lot of his points-he's just giving into the misdirection that the two parties are really different.

    But the Carter years as an example of Utopia?

    I thought I did a lot of drugs in the seventies-I want some of his old stash!